News Release: Galena Park Mayor’s Latest Abuse

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For Immediate Release

October 4, 2021

It’s no secret that Galena Parks Mayor Esmeralda Moya is hiding financial records from the public. But now she is wasting taxpayer money by hiring three sets of lawyers to fight Dolcefino Consulting’s requests for public information—without even getting the required approval by the city commission.

Moya and the city of Galena Park have hired the firm of Ware, Jackson, Lee, O’Neill, Smith & Barrow after we filed a lawsuit August 17, claiming the city has ignored repeated open records requests. We had asked to see financial records for our investigation into the possible misappropriation of funds by Galena Park City Hall, including allegation water bills were changed for the Moya family.

City Attorney Robert Collins and City Secretary Mayra Gonzales are two of the employees hiding records from the public. Both have unsurprisingly denied the allegations in their original answers to our lawsuit.

The mayor calls our requests for public information “harassment.” She has also denied Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting, the right to speak at public meetings. That is also a crime.

“Galena Park voters deserve transparency, something Mayor Moya apparently doesn’t care about,” Dolcefino said. “Whatever she’s hiding, we’re going to find and expose it.”

The city’s wasteful hiring of its lawyers is the latest development Dolcefino Consulting’s widening investigation into Mayor Moya, which has already uncovered the city of Galena Park had a $705,000 unpaid water bill owed to the city of Houston.

Media inquiries should be sent to or you can reach Wayne at the phone number previously provided.

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