News Release: Nate Paul Breaks His Silence

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April 28, 2022

Controversial real estate developer Nate Paul breaks his silence in his first on-camera interview, talking about his reaction to the FBI raid nearly three years ago that continues to cause his business so much trouble.

“There is no question if you look at that isolated incident, I was the first person to ask the question what’s going on here. It’s something you really can’t prepare for or know how to deal with until it happens,” Paul told Houston-based Dolcefino Consulting. “We know we’ve done nothing wrong. I know I’ve done nothing wrong.”

Paul broke his silence in the wake of a huge half-a-billion-dollar real estate deal involving the sale of a chain of storage properties.

“We’ve created a tremendous amount of jobs. We’ve bought and own some of the best real estate throughout the State of Texas and elsewhere,” Paul said.

“I think over the last few years there’s been an incredible amount of misinformation out there and a lot of our focus and my focus has been on executing on a business front. But in taking a step back and assessing the landscape I think it’s important for this story to be out there.”

While the media has focused on allegations Paul bribed Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton with a campaign contribution, the Austin developer wants the media to investigate instead the alleged plot to steal hundreds of millions of dollars of his properties for a fraction of the price. Paul says the plots emerged when his business suffered for a time after the FBI raid, which made investors nervous. Paul is now suing the FBI.

The legal battle over his property, much of it in Austin, is filling courtrooms in Austin, San Antonio, and now Houston. The Houston-based investigative media firm has conducted many investigations into real estate disputes.

“You’ve had situations where they have attempted to illegally take property,” Paul said. “If you’re operating in a society where the rule of law is not being followed, that’s a scary place to be for anybody, not just as a business owner or as a property owner.”

The full, unedited interview with Nate Paul is available upon request.

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