HOA Bullies

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Happy Birthday, America! As we celebrate the Fourth of July and freedom, we’re calling for freedom for a southwest Houston neighborhood that’s being held hostage by voter fraud and a group of HOA bullies.

You are watching neighbors fighting neighbors in southwest Houston.

A lot of the anger is directed at one guy, Gerald Montrel, whose got his girlfriend on hand to defend him.

Montrel is vice president of the folks who own property in South meadow, off West Airport. He also runs the neighborhood security company, paid nearly $100,000 a year to help keep his 600 neighbors safe.  It’s the biggest bill this neighborhood has.

It’s a blatant conflict of interest.

“It’s a nice system for him. Where he just pretends to work, sends in an invoice, he gets paid,” said Brenda Jackson.

Brenda jackson has lived in Southmeadow for more than three decades. She’s not the only one who’s had enough.

“They allow him to send his invoices in at the first of the month for work that he’s supposed to do during that month. And they have no means of verifying did he work those hours, said Jackson.

Montrel’s company is City Wide Patrol, they’ve been under contract in the same neighborhood for 10 years. But the board won’t even let its own residents see the current contract.

But going of a copy of the contract in 2021, you can see that patrols are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm and again 11pm to 2am.

Folks have long suspected Montrel is scamming them.

Neighbors have been doing their own investigation of him. Video showing him miles away from the neighborhood shopping when he’s supposed to be patrolling.

“What is the schedule? What is the hours,” asked Jackson

Montrel responds, “It varies.  We don’t discose that to the residents for security purposes.”

Ok. The old need to know nonsense, keep it secret from the people who are paying the damn bills.

“Why are you hiding in here when you’re supposed to be outside protecting the neighborhood,” asked Dolcefino.

We wanted to watch for ourselves and on our first day surveillance we didn’t see Montrel leave his house at all, but mid-morning we saw another vehicle with the security sign plastered on the side.

The vehicle was registered to Mcknight Thomas, another official of the neighborhood’s board of directors.

We checked, he’s not a state commissioned security officer, that’s required by the citywide contract. He patrolled for a few hours then went to Whataburger. We watched him sit in a Walmart parking lot outside the neighborhood for at least an hour.

As far as that night patrol, on the night we watched neither Thomas or Montrel guarded anything but their own homes.

When the neighborhood accepts invoices for time that hasn’t been worked yet, you’re bound to get taken.

“they make no adjustments on his subsequent invoices if he did not work,” said Jackson.

Despite what we saw, and the contract violations documented in pictures and videos, City Wide Patrol keeps the contract and tells the folks asking questions to go to hell. The disdain for the people who pay their salary is clear.

Residents have even filed police reports against Montrel for threats and intimidation, for what sounds like stalking by their own security.

“I called the police because now I feel like I’m locked in. He’s just hanging out there on my street,” said Eric Shupack.

“I’m sitting here telling my children, hey, if you see the security guard, call 911, don’t talk to him,” said Suzy Rodriguez.

“So, this guy has found a way to just be paid for not performing. Be paid a salary. And he’s got people who look the other way. No matter what violations he could be,” said Jackson.

Shawn Oujezdsky is a Southmeadow property owner who says he ran afoul of Montrel, because he’s being gay.

“He started out calling me fagot. He goes, you look bored, fagot. Come over and suck some dick. And, then just continued going on and on,” said Shawn Oujezdsky

Montrel denies ever saying those things, and claims shawn is harassing him because he’s black.

But shawn is among a group of residents of every color who have even tried to get a court to remove Montrel and the rest of the Southmeadow board of directors who protect him.

“I heard you were like the neighborhood bully or something. Why did you come out and talk to me? I’m waiting for you,” said Dolcefino.

Montrel and his buddies control the board, getting voted in year after year. And we think we know how he does it. Through voter fraud.

“I think it was 2020. It was sometime recently that my father signed a proxy,” said Patty Fadhouli.

“The challenge with that is that my father died in 2008,” continued Fadhouli.

It’s hard for dead people to show up at the annual meeting.

“And I’m okay if it’s a fair fight or a fair contest, I don’t have a problem losing. But when it’s unfair, I do have a problem with that.

Brenda Jackson has been running to get Montrel off the board for nearly five years, she’s lost every time she runs. But she’s taken a close look at the ballots, court records in a lawsuit by residents show 7 of the ballots in one year were signed by dead people.

Eric Shupack was surprised to see his dad’s signature on a proxy ballot.

“My father died in 2021, so she knows that it was a deceased person’s forgery as well,” said Shupack.

There are sworn affidavits that signatures on some ballots were forged, signed by people who don’t own property, voters misspelled their own names in 27 of the ballots. And that was all in just one year.

And when you look at the signatures of voters from multiple elections their signatures sure change a lot. And they look a lot like the way Montrel signs his name.

Throw out the illegal proxies, and Brenda would have easily won.

“In this group of board members, along with a couple of the contractors or vendors who service the association, are now involved in what I consider a voter fraud scheme, where they are pretty much, hijacked our board election process,” said Brenda Jackson.

“Look, these people are cheating their balls off. I mean, if you did, you go to the district courts and look at our exhibits. We had 400 exhibits,” said Tom Nixon.

Tom mixon is the lawyer trying to put an end to this reign of neighborhood fraud.

We know this isn’t a multi-million dollar caper, but imagine your own neighborhood being held hostage like this.

This HOA affair is a microcosm of why so many people in this country are complaining about voter fraud.

“They’ve gotten so used to cheating, they just do it on the regular,” said Nixon.

Another piece of evidence of old school voter fraud.  Here’s an email from a woman who says she gave Montrel her vote for $150 in cash.

Andrea Kirven says she voted for Gerald Montrel when he promised he and the board wouldn’t go after her for unpaid homeowner’s dues.

“I’ve been here since 90. I don’t have time to lose my house because I can’t pay 350,” said Kirvin.

And we’re told the growing number of Southmeadow residents, who likely are in the us illegally, are threatened to get votes.

“So,they had been threatened that immigration was going to be called on them, or they were going to have to have HOA put citations on them because they had been taking care for so long by him. Just for not signing these proxies,” said Suzy Rodriguez.

The lawsuit to finally bring some justice to this neighborhood was filed back in 2021, but it’s been bogged down in court and that has had real consequences.

“We’ve been trying to get a court date. By the time we get a court date another election has happened. I got to get those ballots and those proxies and figure out what fraud they committed in that election. And so it kind of just becomes this rolling snowball,” said Nixon.

Neighborhoods often pay a management company to handle their business affairs properly, but Southmeadow fired the company that was calling out unethical behavior five years ago.

But the cheaters found a new management company.

Marshall Management charges the neighborhood 26 thousand dollars a year. The owner ignored our calls so we went to find her at her other job, representing taxpayers in Missouri City.

Sonya Brown Marshall is a member of the city council there, and she used the town’s police force to protect her from us.

Police blocked us, rushed her to her car to protect her from our evil camera.

I wonder if voters in Missouri City know that the Marshall Management Group a one-star rating from the Better Business Bureau. It can’t get worse.  

“This company does not help out the residents” and that complaint isn’t from Southmeadow neighborhood.

Sonya. I am so surprised. You are you. You over there in Missouri City and you ought to be ashamed of yourself,” said a resident.

“I’m not ashamed of anything,” said Sonya.

Maybe she sees dead people too. Days later she called us.

“I can’t talk to you about Southmeadow. I don’t have authority to,” said Sonya Brown Marshall.

We’d like to think an elected public official would care about stuff like voter integrity.

“They can take it up with a judge because the judge will make that decision,” said Susan Rice.

The neighborhood association’s lawyer is Susan Rice. She makes more than 21-thousand from this one neighborhood.

“So, the board is currently being sued in two separate lawsuits. And at the heart of those lawsuits is Gerald Montrel’s behavior, both as a board member and as a security guard,” said Jennifer Jenkins.

Jennifer jenkins is a lawyer who lives in the neighborhood, and she says she’s watched video of Montrel assaulting a 15 year old boy.

“Gerald comes behind him and puts him in a choke hold and immediately starts choking him from behind. You can’t tell from the angle of the camera if Gerald steps on his testicles or if he just kicks him between the legs,” said Jenkins.

That video was taken by Terone Creeks junior, the son of two Southmeadow board members.

“I no longer have that. Once I gave it to the sheriff department, I didn’t keep it,” said Corita Creeks.

The video was apparently given to the Harris County Precinct 6 Constable, where Montrel was a reserve deputy there. Not anymore, but nothing ever happened with the video.

Corita Creeks is no longer on the board, but her husband still is.

“What they’re doing is unethical, but it doesn’t seem to matter,” said Corita Creeks.

“I would like to see this entire board removed. I believe that Gerald Montrel belongs in prison,” said Jennifer Jenkins.

“It’s all about money and greed. The management team, the board, every single person on that board knows what’s going on. As far as I’m concerned, they all have to go,” said Shupack.

Which is why they called us; the lawsuits have dragged on for years.

Judge Dedra Davis, you should have this board removed immediately and should have already reported the evidence of voter fraud to the DA.

“So we reached out to you guys because we need a bigger voice because this is contained in our little subdivision,” expresses Jackson.

We knew where we could find Gerald Montrel, we saw him go inside the neighborhood clubhouse. But when we checked the door, it was locked.

Montrel was just feet from the door, but he wouldn’t open it.

“Is this what you’re going to do? You’re going to hide in this – you’re going to hide in this building? Aren’t you supposed to be out protecting the folk,” said Dolcefino.

“I heard you were like the neighborhood bully or something. Why don’t you come out and talk to me? I’m waiting for you,” said Dolcefino.

“Why are you hiding? This is kind of embarrassing. What do you think all the neighbors are going to think when they see you hiding,” said Dolcefino.

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