News Release: Texas Rangers Investigating Possible Corruption In Texas City

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The Galveston County District Attorney’s office and the Texas Rangers are now investigating allegations of perjury and official misconduct involving the Texas City Fire Marshal Dennis Harris and Wendell Wiley, the Director of the ambulance service in the Galveston County town.

The news comes after a Dolcefino Consulting investigation found evidence Texas City officials falsified sworn documents used in the prosecution of an ambulance provider.

EMS Director Wiley has also been accused of waging a four-year campaign of retaliation against ambulance provider Windsor EMS. The ambulance company claims Wiley was twice denied a part-time job position with the company while also being in charge of regulating the companies with permits in Texas City. It is the only city restricting the number of permits to four.

In court documents, Texas City has been accused of “a municipal scheme that encouraged corruption.”

“I think corruption in Texas City is just everyday life down there,” said Ryan Lynn of Windsor EMS. “You either roll with their corruption or if you don’t, they’ll push you over, do whatever they need to do to make you go away.”

Wiley and Fire Chief David Zacherl say they have been ordered not to speak to us, and City Attorney Kyle Dickson has refused to respond to our questions.

A new Galveston County grand jury will review the Texas City allegations in the coming weeks.

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