Who Will Vote For Dick?

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There’s another election coming up, even though we still haven’t figured out what screwed up the last one. But that won’t stop us from reporting on one of the fun ones!

There are a lot of local elections Saturday, but we’re going to be watching the one in Dickinson closely.

The mayor there has fought our requests for public records every step of the way. Sean Skipworth has engaged in a reign of attempted secrecy since we first asked for documents in 2021.

“There have been a lot of hit pieces, I mean I’m the dick of Dickinson as everybody heard right, on YouTube,” said Skipworth.

We asked the city months ago for emails related to the Creekside apartments written by city officials.

We were told the city had wanted to condemn the property for a long time so they could develop it with somebody else.

The city tried to hide the records, but the Texas Attorney General told Dickinson in April they had to turn over the records immediately.

The city has still refused. Today is the deadline to either comply with the ruling of the AG or file a lawsuit to keep fighting for secrecy instead of transparency.

Dickinson voters will go to the polls on Saturday without knowing about the mayor’s dealings as he continues to hide his email.

Billboards call Sean Skipworth skip-worthless. The voters should think about that on election day.

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