A Baby Horror Story

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The death of a little three month old boy in Porter is simply horrific, and we’re about to show you why this BABY HORROR STORY may hurt the re-election campaign of Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson.

“Mom, the baby died. Mom, the baby died,” said Claudaly Gomez in Spanish.

Claudaly Gomez learned the shattering news during a visit to the Montgomery County jail to see her son.

Her three-month-old grandson, Abraham, was dead.

“I said what?! No, no, no, no, no,” Gomez said.

Both of Abraham’s arms were broken in at least one place. Both of his legs were broken too.

This tiny, little boy had more than 20 fractures to his rib cage. His jaw was broken, his brain bleeding.

“I feel bad because he like suffered so much,” said Raquel Ascension.

Raquel Ascension is one of the 9 people, yes, I said nine, 5 adults and 4 children, supposedly living in this mobile home in Porter, the crime scene.

Melvin Jesus Aquino Enriquez is now charged with shaking the little boy, even throwing him down the stairs. The charges filed back on April 17th.

It’s a horrible story that may now take center stage in the race for Montgomery County Sheriff. Here’s why.

It looks like the sheriff’s office had a chance to maybe save little Abraham.

And what’s worse. There’s evidence they tried to cover up their apparent screwup.

“It’s a working case and so we can’t go into further information at this time. Thank you. That’s the end of the interview,” said Sheriff Rand Henderson.

Not so fast Sheriff.

After we heard about little Abraham’s death, we were more than intrigued that two weeks after this horrible thing, the Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson hadn’t said a word about it.

“When the park ranger took a closer look, they found a fetus in an early stage of development inside that urn,” KHOU told viewers in April.

That was odd. When rangers found the remains of a fetus in Woodlands Park back on April 16, the press release from Lieutenant Scott Spencer went out the very same day.

So, on May 1, we started asking questions, submitting requests for any public records on little Abraham’s death. We knew something.

On May 2, the very next day after we started asking questions, the Sheriff finally issued that press release on Facebook announcing the arrest.

“What took so long between when the baby died and your press release about what happened? What’s going on with that case?” said Dolcefino Reporter Andrea Palacio.

“Oh, it’s currently under investigation. The DA’s office has it, and I’m going to refer comment to them,” Henderson said.

Pay close attention the very first quote.

“On April 14, 2024, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services concerning a severely injured 3-month-old child.”

The Sheriff was keeping a secret from taxpayers and voters in the upcoming election. Information that may have kept Abraham alive.

The day before that CPS call, a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy had actually been called to the mobile home on Needham Rd. to check on the baby’s welfare.

This electronic call slip we got, and we didn’t get it from the Sheriff’s Office, shows a deputy spent nearly ninety minutes at the trailer park and then left.

Henderson’s office hasn’t released his report. Did he search the mobile home? Did he even get out of the car?

Members of the boy’s family say the beat-up little baby was actually in the mobile home the whole time the deputy was there.

“That’s not true. You don’t you don’t have the information correct,” Henderson said.

Well Sheriff, here’s an eyewitness.

“What breaks my heart is that a day that I was here on the 13th,” said Aunt Trish Martinez.

Trish Martinez is the little baby’s aunt.

“When we were pulling up, he was just leaving, you know, the driveway. The baby was in the house. But no one knew that the baby was in the house,” Martinez said.

But Trish did what we would expect the deputy to have done: actually go into the home.

“When I got inside, the cop was already leaving or whatever. When I got inside the house, I sat down and that’s when I hear the baby cry,” Martinez said.

If Deputy Parris Ponton had searched inside and found Abraham, he would have noticed the same serious health issues that other family members had seen.

Both the baby’s aunt and grandmother claim they had been trying to get Abraham’s mom to take him to the doctor.

“A few weeks back, she did let us know that his arm was like hanging off. And he wasn’t moving his arm because the baby, when a baby cries and cry with both arms and move them around. And him, he just had his hand, like just laying there,” Raquel said.

“That’s when I saw the baby’s eye was doing this. His face and arm would shake,” Gomez said.

“The cop was like okay well, she’s not here. They didn’t make a report. He just left, basically,” Martinez said.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office should release the body camera video immediately, or is the Sheriff trying to hide an embarrassing blunder in the final days of the campaign for re-election?

Because that press release, it didn’t sound like a law enforcement alert.

It sounded more like it was crafted to protect Henderson’s re-election campaign. What is the Sheriff hiding?

Lieutenant Spencer isn’t just being paid to be the spokesman for the Sheriff’s office. He’s also a paid consultant for Henderson’s re-election campaign. 500 bucks a month. His company called Spencer Consulting, created back in July of 2022.

“And when do you do your consulting work for him?” Palacio asked.

“After hours or on the weekends,” Spencer said.

“Being his PR guy during the day, it would be you know hard to separate the two,” Palacio said.

“No ma’am,” Spencer said, “It’s not. Alright thank you. Appreciate you.”

That’s why the body camera video, Sheriff, must be released immediately. Because this grieving family, they think the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, your office, could have saved this little boy’s life.

“It’s possible. But like, when the mom wasn’t here and when he was told the mom wasn’t here, of course the officer just left, you know? But, yeah, it could have been possible,” Martinez said.

“Thank you, that’s the end of the interview,” Henderson said.

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