Political Consulting

The former Harris County District Attorney once told me if I was killed, there would be a thousand suspects.

I bet a lot of them would be politicians.

Opposition Research is just part of the menu at Dolcefino Consulting.

A political campaign, especially a challenger, has to develop a relationship with the media because most folk’s can’t rely on paid advertising.

An aggressive media strategy is vital to a campaign.

As a reporter, I was asked to do important investigations that people wanted to see, without regard to the political outcome.

Sure there was some sport in chasing down crooks and corrupt politicians, but you know the stories that really got the viewers up in arms?

Fire hydrants broken for ten years.

The lies the government tells

Years ago I caught the City of Houston grossly exaggerating the number of pot holes they were fixing.

They claimed to fix a pot hole every eight seconds… RIGHT.

Wasting money

The City of Houston was spending nine bucks a pop on those new government environmental light bulb programs. You could buy three of them for eight bucks at Home Depot.

I spent my career working on stories that people cared about.

Stories that got results.

Stories about ethics, transparency, disclosure.

Dolcefino Consulting can help you fulfill your commitment to the voters, while you are running, and once you are in office.