About Dolcefino Consulting

Dolcefino Consulting is an investigative media consulting firm, hired by companies, law firms, private citizens and taxpayers to expose injustice, fraud, and abuse of power.

Our mission is simple. Set the record straight.

After three decades as a nationally recognized, award winning investigative journalist, company President Wayne Dolcefino founded Dolcefino Consulting.

Dolcefino is uniquely qualified to champion your media strategy through crisis.

Armed with a team of top-notch researchers, no job is too big for Dolcefino Consulting.

The firm has exposed government corruption, courthouse conflicts, unscrupulous attorneys and consumer fraud. Our Family Injustice investigation has exposed the horrors of the family court system not only here in Texas, but across the country.

We have been engaged to help educate judges on the history of contentious divorces, expose conflicts of interest and to shine the light on the pay to play problems that plague our nation’s family and civil courts.

Our relationships with the local and national media provide us the credibility to prepare for and respond to news coverage—even before it happens. We are also committed to creating our own content on social media to further the company’s mission of truth.

There is a difference between an accident and fraud or negligence. There is a difference between a bad business deal and a crime. With decades of investigative journalism experience, Dolcefino Consulting possesses a unique ability to help those in crisis.

Dolcefino Consulting helps guide media strategy for legitimate companies—providing credibility to the communities they serve.

Dolcefino Consulting is uniquely situated to shine a light on companies with questionable business practices and a history of litigation.

Narratives are created early in conflicts. However, as facts are presented, they can be changed.

Dolcefino Consulting has provided media training for educators, investigators and politicians. Our advice can help correct and even prevent problems that often produce negative publicity if not dealt with promptly. We can prepare you for the bright lights of real-time crisis.

Dolcefino Consulting has been engaged in a number of political consulting roles, guiding the media coverage and opposition research that is vital to the success of office holders.

A “consigliere” is an advisor. At Dolcefino Consulting, we are advisors and strategists specializing in the court of public opinion, and above all else, advocates for truth.

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