Media Relations

One of my favorite movies is The Godfather. There is a scene where Michael Corleone tells his brother the lawyer that things might get rough, and he must step aside, because the family needs a “war time consigliere.”

Dolcefino Consulting is uniquely designed to help you.

We are a wartime communications company that truly understands the operations of today’s newsrooms, the psychology of news management, the techniques of investigative journalism, and the permanent damage social media can inflict outside of traditional journalism.

Wayne Dolcefino spent more than 27 years as the chief investigative reporter for Houston’s KTRK-TV. His investigations sent public officials to prison, exposed millions of dollars in taxpayer waste, charity fraud, and ethics lapses. Dolcefino Consulting is prepared to confidentially discuss communications strategy.

Remember that a media relations company can also serve their clients proactively. You can help expose wrongdoing by your competitors from consumer deception to violations of the public trust. Wayne has worked with the best investigative journalists in the country. They know him, and trust he will not BS them. Credibility is a necessity when dealing with journalists, especially if you have a story to tell.

So, I will not name names here. I have spent a career listening to government officials using expensive internal communications staff, or PR experts to convince journalists their pending stories are not newsworthy.

Trust me. It doesn’t work.

I have also seen executives and public officials breathe oxygen into news stories because they simply think they are right regardless of how it might look to an audience. As a lifelong journalist I loved those folks.

Quick example. A local university used to have a special account for alcohol, and they used hard earned tuition money to pay for their cocktails. Doesn’t take a summa cum laude to figure out that won’t look good.

Instead of just saying, you are right, and we are fixing it yesterday, they trot out a school official to argue they have a right to drink on the kid’s money because they work so hard.

Do I hear the buzzer?

So, one story became three. By the time the university changed the policy, they had student government and faculty government calling for heads.