Litigation Support

I have been sued once or twice.

OK… maybe a couple of dozen.

And my investigations led to a few criminal trials.

I was in a bar once and some guy sent over a couple of drinks. When I went to thank him he said, “You don’t know who I am do you?”
When I said “no,” he said, “you sent my mother and father to prison.”

I asked him if they were having a good time.


I know how to tell a story. And as much as I love my colleagues who write for newspapers, magazines and the internet, or someone who worked in television for a brief time, there is no substitute for experience in multi-faceted video communications. A five-minute television story can be a powerful, destructive, career changer.

The opposition must understand the power of your client’s argument and what that will look like if your case goes to a jury. They must also understand the power of that suffering if their anguish ever appears on the internet, not for one night on local news, but for years to come.

Video Production Services is just one-way Dolcefino Consulting can providing convincing, credible litigation support.

Investigative Research is our bread and butter. Wayne Dolcefino is a licensed private investigator in the state of Texas, but his skills were developed in over thirty years of investigative journalism. The paper trail, the hunt for records, the ability to get information. Knowing the story before you take the deposition sure beats being surprised.

Expert testimony is also available on media law cases, libel, slander, privacy, news gathering and trespassing. While in television I was sued for libel, slander, tortious interference, even for loss of consortium (yep…it is my fault they can’t have relations anymore)

I can assist in witness preparation.


Dolcefino Consulting has provided investigative communication services to the following prestigious Houston law firms.
The Ogg Law Firm
The Feldman Firm
The Hall Law Firm
Pinkerton Law Firm
Young and Husain P.L.L.C
Schweinle and Associates, PC