No More Dick?

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After dividing the town of Dickinson into ugly name calling Sean Skipworth says he’s resigning later this year, but his critics want him gone now.

Sean Skipworth’s stormy political career as Dickinson Mayor began when his name was pulled out of a hat three years ago. Really!

Doubt you’ll see his name in the hat again because the mayor of Dickinson, the  divisive Dick of Dickinson has resigned!

And he did it on Facebook saying the town’s ugly had gotten to him.

“I wish that I was stronger, but everyone has their breaking point and I’ve arrived at mine,” said Skipworth.

The resignation came just a couple of days before a second petition was going to be filed to try and remove him from office.

More than 126 Dickinson city staff members have resigned or been fired during his infamous tenure.

The mayor’s exit may open up a way to settle the brewing legal battle between the city and owners of the shuttered Creekside apartments near I-45. The owners said they would negotiate with the city as long as Skipworth wasn’t part of it.

Skipworth has fought against transparency every step of the way.

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