A Message to the DA

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A big development at the Angelina County District Courthouse that should embarrass the embattled DA Janet Cassels, and we have the scoop!

His name is Paul Edmond Derrick Laflaur and he is accused of multiple charges of aggravated assault of children in Angelina County.

But look at the date of his indictment on this KTRE news headline.

September 1, 2017.

More than six years later LaFlaur’s victims are still waiting for justice at the Angelina County courthouse.

And this is the woman who deserves a lot of the blame, District Attorney Janet Cassels. She’s allowed the backlog of felony prosecutions to spiral out of control.

Yet, the DA has curiously taken time to personally prosecute former public officials for a class c misdemeanor violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act.

She spent two days to get just one class c conviction of former county judge, Don Lymberry. Two dozen other misdemeanor cases she had piled on Lymberry just went away.

“I feel like it was definitely political,” said Don Lymbery.

We’ve been warning Angelina County voters for months.

There are 938 pending felony cases involving dangerous and violent criminals in Angelina County. They include 46 child molesters awaiting trial.

Angelina County judge Bob Inselman clearly heard us, he has 546 pending felony cases in his court.

And he’s now sending a very strong message to the district attorney.

On September 1st, Inselman sent this mail we’ve obtained to the DA.

“As the local administrative judge. I am suspending all jury trials of all misdemeanor cases in the 217th and 159th district court until further notice,” reads the email.

The action indefinitely postpones the only known misdemeanor case being planned for a felony courtroom.

Cassells planned misdemeanor prosecution of her political enemy, former county commissioner Rodney Paulette.

Paulette has long complained the DA targeted him and other politicians who fought her budget and tried to take power away from county commissioners who had used asphalt work to reward friends.

“You were a big political opponent of hers do you think that’s why you are still in trouble,” asked Wayne Dolcefino.

Paulette replied, “sure,”

Sources say Judge Inselman’s action angered the DA. We say too bad, we applaud his action and besides a DA should only care about getting justice for real crime victims.

The evidence of a failed DA is growing.

More than 45 employees have resigned or got fired since she became DA. She’s replaced five victims’ assistance coordinators in just a couple of years. Multiple former employees for not caring about crime victims like she is supposed to.

“She would say to our victim assistance coordinator not to talk to the victims because they were in a ditch,” states Brittany Tarkington.

It’s time for the DA to explain herself or step down.

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