Cases Of Sherry

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We’re no wine connoisseurs, but we’re good at exposing the rackets that have triggered so many stories of parents being unfairly kept from their own children.

We call them “Cases Of Sherry”

Alissa sherry loves to sing a song.

And she’s one of those folks who likes all of us on social media to look at her. Well, her interesting self portraits that is.

But it’s not her voice that’s the focus of this family injustice investigation.

It’s the song she’s singing that’s destroying so many damn lives in Texas.

When sherry’s not on a stage at a place like the famous Antones in Austin, she takes the stage in a family courtroom.

A forensic psychologist with enormous power to decide who gets custody of an innocent child in the middle of a fight between their mom and dad.

And she doesn’t believe in equal parenting, even testifying at the state capitol against it.

“They did this to themselves. I don’t make this shit up,” claimed Alyssa Sherry in a phone call.

You may say that Dr. Sherry, but that’s exactly what your victims say you do.

“It’s almost like Dr. Sherry enjoys torturing one of the parents,” said Lauren Walker.

“She’s always putting the kids with the wrong parent,” said Ciny Chebultz.

“It’s almost like, is she functioning on a different planet,” said David O’Connor.

“The way she attacked me and my family is out of this world its almost unbelievable,” continued Lauren Walker.

She sided with Alex Jones in his custody fight, you get the picture.

“When they read the verdict. I felt my body shut down. I didn’t even cry. I was in shock,” recalled Walker.

Lauren walker’s parental rights to her 5-year-old daughter were permanently stripped away six long years ago.

“Dr. Sherry diagnosed me with borderline personality disorder. Histrionic. Narcissistic,” said Walker.

“And I had never been diagnosed with anything in my entire life,” continued Walker.

Lauren admits says she her ex both smoked marijuana, but he’s the one convicted of physically attacking her.

“HH=jjjfHe, like, broke my nose. He – I have a brain injury. Traumatic brain injury. From blunt force trauma to my head,” recalled Walker.

But thanks to Dr. Sherry he got full custody of their daughter and Lauren was permanently removed from Callie’s life.

“I have saved every little toy, every piece of clothing. That is my way of, I guess, holding on to her,” expressed Walker.

“For four years, I haven’t heard the son’s sound of my son’s voice,” stated Cindy Chebultz.

Cindy Chebultz lost her parental rights to her teenaged son.

“I took him all over the world to see things, you know, and just we got along. There was no drugs in my case. There was no CPS,” recalled Chebultz.

After Cindy’s world came crashing down, she learned about a lot of other parents nightmares.

She compiled this list of victims, and she noticed a pattern.

“It always seems a lot of times like it’s either men or the person with the money,” stated Chebultz.

19 mothers and father went before the state panel that gives Dr. Sherry a license to rip families apart, pouring their heart out.

“I have not held my son, who I love with all of my heart, for over a year. And I just ask that y’all just do something,” cried Brandon Roberts.

Lynn Parker is a career cop, he’s now married to a woman who lost the rights to all three of her kids thanks to Dr. Sherry.

“Sherry had never met my wife. She had never met my children,” said Lynn Parker.

“I have never, ever been disciplined by my board. Every single complaint that those people have filed against me was dismissed because it was frivolous. The other parents in every single one of these cases is grateful as hell,” said Dr. Sherry.

Austin child psychiatrist David O’Connor learned too late about the complaints against Dr. Sherry.

Because of her, he only gets to see his own son for two hours every two weeks. A visit supervised by a stranger.

“It’s really important that every child son or daughter has both parents in their life,” said David O’Connor.

This well-respected doctor has been fighting for equal parenting for his own son for years. Five years ago, Dr. O’Connor went back to court to seek shared custody, that legal battle is still underway.

But a couple of years ago the mother went to the Williamson County Courthouse. She obviously came to the right place for what is sadly another racket in a family court system full of them.

“Anybody can say anything they want, I can completely make stuff up. And if I go down to the court nine times out of ten they are going to grant it, because the judge doesn’t know,” said Erin Schaden.

According to the Texas Office of Court Administration,  Williamson County hands out more protective orders than any county court in the state.

And attorney Marshall Thompson, the lawyer on the other side of the O’Connor case gets a lot of them. Especially in Judge John McMaster’s court.

It’s no longer a secret that some parents use the protective orders as a weapon for final custody.

David wasn’t even initially warned it was happening so he could defend himself.

“One of the principles our country is founded on the ability of due process and the ability to confront your accuser, or the ability to defend yourself,” said O’Connor.

The mom and her lawyer had gotten a sworn affidavit from, you guessed it, Dr. Sherry.

One of the big complaints against O’Connor, he was going to his sons events to watch him play. Boy, that’s a crime.

“Go from one day from seeing my son on a regular basis, you know, on a regular schedule to suddenly not seeing him based upon, false reports to get a protective order,” said O’Connor.

She knows what she’s doing. She’s not incompetent. So, it’s either a mental illness, addiction, or corruption,” states Dr. Brooks McKenzie.

And that’s not a parent who’s been on the wrong side of Dr. Sherry’s rulings.

That’s Dr. Brooks McKenzie, an expert at assessing a psychological evaluation and the relationship between a parent and a child.

If Alissa Sherry were to go down for what she actually did, there are dozens, if not hundreds of other cases she’s worked on where she’s likely done the exact same thing. So, every one of them comes into question and every single attorney who’s repeatedly used her. And I bet you’re going to find a handful that are all the time,” said McKenzie.

“Somebody likes Brooks McKenzie is a friggin’joke,” said Alissa Sherry.

Boy it’s nice to see all these doctors getting along so well.

“Dr. Sherry’s evaluation in this case was likely tainted by a prohibited conflict of interest. An exploitation of the parties,” states Joann Murphy’s report.

That’s what a second expert brought in by David O’Connor said, Dr. Joann Murphy.

Who reported Dr. Sherry had watched David O’Connor and his son at home together, but just didn’t bother to mention that in her report.

“I‘m a human being. Of course there are going to be errors, but. If I am so off base and I am so wrong. These people have their day in court,” said Alissa Sherry.

Oh, and we know just how fair our Texas family courts seem to be.

“Don’t you start questioning whether or not you really know what you’re doing. You know, so many people that say you don’,” asked Andrea Palacio.

“Don’t you understand that on the other side of those cases are parents that say, I saved their children,” replied Sherry.

I’ve lost track of how many state agencies are not protecting the public. I’ve been investigating family courts for more than a dozen years. Let me tell you something, It’s all screwed up. The ethics, the delays, the money, it’s all got to change.

“They’re raping people financially in the family courts. And I’m positive that they all know each other. The lawyers, the attorneys, the psychologists, it’s a very small group. They run together and they are literally funding each other’s college funds for their kids,” said Brooks McKenzie.

Their kids, not the kids who pay the price for losing a parent who was never convicted of hurting them physically or sexually.

“I’m grateful that, he’s he has his dad, you know, in some form or fashion with the visits itself as short and infrequent as they are. We do

“I hope Dr. O’Connor gets justice. Because if he gets justice, a lot of people on the other side would be going to jail for intentionally committing fraud. And actually, I believe everyone on the other side, including Alissa Sherry, should be charged with child abuse,” states McKenzie.

“No child comes out of this better off except for those that really were abused, which is a very small percentage. And now we have broken children doing things as broken adults. We wonder how we got here, but everybody got paid, so it doesn’t matter,” continues McKenzie.

Dr. Sherry’s YouTube music video ends with that fear and loathing quote from Hunter Thompson.

“The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side…”

Actually Dr. Sherry, we’ve been exposing a big money trench full of thieves too, it’s called family law.

“It’s corrupt. It’s corrupt from the very beginning,” expressed O’Connor.

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