Dolcefino Update: Secretive Charity Sued

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We have been telling you for two years about a secretive Houston Jewish charity that wants public donations but then hides how they spend their money.

The Texas Attorney General is already investigating the Houston Hebrew Free Loan Association, and now we have more breaking news. One of its biggest donors has filed suit to get it’s donation back.


One of the largest donors to a historic Houston Jewish charity has now filed a lawsuit against the organization to get the donation back.

The lawsuit against the Houston Hebrew Free Loan Association claims charity money is being misspent and the historic Houston charity has been hijacked by a few leaders who treat the group as a private club, giving interest free loans to family and friends.

Howard Siegel’s family donated more than $70,000 to the Houston HFLA in the name of his wife Barbara to create an endowment that would fund charity expenses so HFLA could spend other public donations on free loans for the Jewish community.

“This was meant as a perpetual memorial to my wife,” said Howard Siegel. “I’m not going to let my wife’s memory be dishonored the way they’re doing.”

The Siegels are now demanding their donation be returned so they can donate to a different charity.

A co-defendant in the suit is the Houston Jewish Community Foundation, the group that helped facilitate the donation.

“It is sad the HFLA would rather spend donor money on lawyers instead of just being transparent with what they are doing with donations,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “The leaders of this charity have been running away from our cameras and that speaks volumes.”

The lawsuit was filed by Houston attorney Randy Sorrels and will be tried in the 215th District Court, Judge Elaine Palmer presiding.

Earlier this year, the Siegel family settled a lawsuit with a former HFLA official who allegedly assaulted Adam Siegel as he tried to get answers about the family’s donations.

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