Dropping Like Flies

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It wouldn’t be a week in Kemah politics if someone didn’t either quit or get fired. Want a job in city government? Be careful.

“I would like to call to order the city council of Kemah and the Kemah public facilities corporation,” states Carl Joiner.

You’ve got to wonder. Who’s left at Kemah City Hall?

The city council just voted to fire City Administrator Walter Gant.

“We will adjourn to closed session at 7:31,” Joiner said.

He’s just the latest departure amid a mass exodus of city employees from the small tourist town of Kemah.

We’ve heard the staff didn’t want to work under essentially 6 bosses with city council trying to strip the power of the mayor the last few years.

At the last meeting, the council officially fired their city attorney who had worked for them for more than 30 years.

“All those in favor say aye. Are there any nos? Motion carries. So should he move to your location Dick,” asked Carl Joiner.

The city council did put a new person on the important Kemah development board, but one of the members that’s still on deserves special attention.

The trial for current KCDC member and former Mayor Matt Wiggins on allegations he misspent taxpayer funds has now been pushed back to June. He shouldn’t have been on the board in the first place.

The election for the next mayor is this Saturday, but the only one running is city councilwoman Robin Collins. She’s a huge fan of ours.

“I find that camera disgusting, and I bet if you went and you talked to anybody that a Wayne Dolcefino video was aimed at, they would say the same thing,” states Collins.

“We have a negative environment here. It’s toxic, it’s unprofessional,” said Joiner.

The current Mayor Carl Joiner simply had enough after two years of constant battling with city council.

“And quite frankly, it’s a waste of time for me to attend these meetings anymore,” expressed Joiner.

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