Sex Doctor Warning

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The Texas Medical Board went hard after doctors who questioned the Covid vaccine. But why are they dismissing dozens of complaints about one OBGYN doctor in Baytown? The victims are devastated.

We are calling them out and putting out a Sex Doctor Warning.

“I’ve told everybody, ‘You want an OB? Just don’t go to Dr. Frey in Baytown. Just don’t go to Dr. Frey,’” Maria Lopez said.

Remember Maria Lopez’s warning, because the Texas Medical Board doesn’t seem to care.

“You need to get off my property right now,” Dr. Patricia Frey-Murray told Wayne Dolcefino.

We’ve been fighting for justice for the women and babies this doctor is accused of scarring.

Dr. Patricia Frey-Murray is an OB-GYN running the Grace Women’s Center in Baytown.

“Are you Dr. Frey?” Dolcefino asked.

“This is private property,”  Frey-Murray said.

“I would like to talk to you about—” Dolcefino said.

“You will not record me. Call 911,” said Frey-Murray.

And our viewers have seen just some of the evidence we turned over to the investigators in Austin.

Six dark stitches were needed to close the gash on little Empress Lopez’s forehead just as she was delivered with a C-section.

“They didn’t let me see my daughter. All they told me was, ‘she’s cut, she got cut in the head.’ I just started bawling. Just shaking at that point because something went wrong. It wasn’t a happy day how it was supposed to be. It was just really hard,” Lopez said.

Here’s another infant brought into the world with an immediate scar.

Here’s another.

“You’re not leaving,” Bear Murray said to Dolcefino.

“We are leaving,” Dolcefino replied.

“You are not going to leave with that,” Murray says as he points to the camera.

“Oh yeah, I am,” says the camera man.

“Don’t make a mistake,” Dolcefino tells Murray.

We were deluged with complaints about Dr. Murray while we were investigating her husband, Bear Murray.

And a place they ran called Swan Mansion inside Baytown city limits, advertised as a swingers’ place.

We’ve seen some interesting reviews from the folks who stayed there.

“Thanks for the orgasms,” this couple wrote.

And we couldn’t just ignore the complaints about the woman we’re calling the Queen of Swan Mansion.

So, we filed our complaint that blew up into more complaints from 29 former patients.

It was first filed in May of 2022.

“I just want to implore you to act in a very significant way in this case. This is not a one off. This is not a two off. This is a doctor who has a pattern and practice of hurting women and the children they are delivering,” Dolcefino told the Texas Medical Board.

After what we think is an incomplete investigation, the 16-member Medical Board dismissed our complaint with not even a slap on the wrist for the doctor.

We appealed the decision this January in part because the Medical Board investigators hadn’t talked to most of the complaining patients.

And the Medical Board? They ignored evidence Dr. Murray was sending postpartum patients to her husband, saying he was a real medical doctor.

“Are you a licensed M.D. by the way? Because in there they were calling you doctor Murray. Are you a licensed medical doctor?” Dolcefino asked Bear Murray.

The Texas Medical Board can clearly know this was going on—it was on the doctor’s website.

And in March of 2022, Bear Murray agreed to stop holding himself out to be a licensed medical doctor in a cease-and-desist punishment.

The board said he often pretended he was a doctor, but where did many of his patients come from?

His wife operated the Grace Women’s Center right next door to Swan Mansion.

Boy, this is a tough case to crack, huh Medical Board?

“What happened to the oath that they took? Because they were doctors before they were on that board. I want to know what happened to that oath, because right now they are all in violation of that oath.” Lynn Peace said.

“I want to know if any of them on the board that dismissed us is a part of her swingers sex club and they have something they need to hide,” Tina Carmichael said.

“You might have to bleep this out. It pisses me off,” Lynn Peace said.

“Are you fucking serious?” Said Marilee Gammons.

This is the appeals rejection letter. No one ever asked us for any more information, testimony, even more complaints.

We could’ve provided that.

They claim there is insufficient evidence.

I get the outrage because I’m mad as hell, too.

“This woman has injured for profit so many people, and for them to just dismiss all of these complaints is unreal,” Tina Carmichael said.

The Texas Medical Board is simply not protecting the public.

I was born at night, I like to say, but not last night.

When so many patients are complaining, something ain’t right.

The number of complaints should’ve been evidence enough.

“Because I know my experience and I wouldn’t want anybody else to go through that,” Maria Lopez said.

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