Justice Delayed. Justice Denied.

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If you live in Angelina County this latest news should SCARE THE HELL OUT OF YOU! Your District Attorney is failing to deliver justice.

“I have not lied from the get-go and I’m still maintaining my innocence,” states Don Lymbery.

Former Angelina County Judge Don Lymbery proclaimed his innocence even after a visiting judge found him guilty after a two-day trial in June of a single class c misdemeanor violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act.

“I thought it was ridiculous,” expressed Tracy Pinkerton.

District Attorney Janet Cassels apparently thought the charges against Lymbery were so important she personally prosecuted the case, but taxpayers should be asking why she isn’t doing that for defendants accused of rape or murder instead.

“Ms. Cassels was it worth all the time and money just for this?” asked Wayne Dolcefino.

According to records we obtained from the Angelina County District Clerk’s office, Cassells has allowed a startling backlog of serious criminal cases to continue to pile up while she has been in office.

There are 938 pending felony cases involving dangerous and violent criminals in Angelina County.

They include 46 child molesters awaiting trial.

“A man with a long record of indecent behavior with children has been rearrested for child sexual assault,” stated KTEK in a report.

Take the case of convicted sex offender Tommy Dwayne Parker Jr.

He’s a repeat offender who has, not one, but two felony cases currently on the docket for indecency with a child and aggravated assault of a child.

Also, still on the docket are 14 murder cases.

Michael Favors’ case is among them.

He was arrested in 2018, five years ago. Accused of trying to murder a friend of his estranged girlfriend by poisoning his beer.

We also now know which court in Angelina County is the most backlogged.

That honor belongs to his honor Judge Robert Inselmann of the 217th District Court.

Inselmann has 546 felony cases currently pending in his court.

The county’s other felony court, the 159th, has 392 cases on the docket.

“They spent lots of money to prosecute me,” said Lymbery.

Money and time, that District Attorney Janet Cassels should have been spending prosecuting much more serious crimes in Angelina County. Part of her problem may be the revolving door in her office. At least 45 employees have resigned or have been fired in the last few years. Complaints of bullying among the reasons.

Last month an assistant D.A. had a mental health episode. He blames bullying as the reason why.

“I’ve never cried at my job, and she saw me cry probably like twice a week. It was and it wasn’t just me it was just everyone everyday it was just walking on eggshells,” recalled former employee Britany Tarkington.

Former county commissioner Rodney Paulette is set to go on trial in a matter of weeks for the same class C misdemeanor open meetings violation. But unlike Lymbery, Paulette says he will want a jury trial. His right, but is it right to continue to waste time on what critics clearly see as political prosecutions when so many crime victims are awaiting justice?

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