Kicked Out Of Dickinson

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We’ve been telling you about the sad state of affairs in the City of Dickinson. Now the Dick of Dickinson Mayor Sean Skipworth had us thrown out of his State of the City speech.

This was billed as the State of the City of Dickinson, we got wind of it on the city’s Facebook page.

“If you’re not available to attend that event, we will also have a recording of the state of the city made available afterwards,” said Sean Skipworth.

But Mayor Sean Skipworth, the Dick of Dickinson, well he didn’t want us to watch. So, watch as the city’s police chief tries to kick us out of a clearly public meeting.

“Sir isn’t there a quorum here of the city council members,” asked Andrea Palacio.

“I think it is but —,” said Police Chief Michael Berezin.

“Yes, that means it’s a public —,” said Palacio.

“All I’m telling you is this meeting is controlled by this other company. This venue. So, if they tell you, you got to leave, you really got to leave. Whether I agree with it or not,” said Berezin.

“I don’t believe that’s right sir, when there is a quorum here the public has a right to be here,” said Palacio.

“Maybe. But if they are telling you,” said Berezin.

Palacio questioned, “Maybe?”

“We’re going. Let’s go,” states Berezin.

“There’s a quorum here, it’s a public meeting,” said Palacio.  

“I hear you, but let’s go. They’ve asked you to leave. This is not — this is invitation only,” clarifies Berezin.

That chief is breaking the law you’re supposed to enforce, but we get it. More than 120 city employees have left the city in the last few years under this mayor. So, you probably don’t want to be the last. Our protest prompted some public officials to leave.

The state of the city in Dickinson is secrecy.

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