Making A Difference

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Across the country we’ve been hired to investigate injustice in the family, probate and civil courts. Today we can report on an investigation that made a difference.

A victory for Marty Adair, but sadly she’s not here to enjoy it.

The cabal of lawyers accused of sucking off her estate long after her death was exposed by Dolcefino Consulting.

“Well, you are in a business that some people would say preys on family disputes. Do you- do you feel like you’re taking advantage of these senior citizens,” said Wayne Dolcefino.

“Absolutely not,” replied Eric Becker.

We have good news to report.

California judge Ebrahim Baytieh has sent a powerful message, punishing the attorneys for their questionable ethical conduct during Marty’s controversial conservatorship.

Members of the so-called probate mafia saw their requests for money cut in half.

“Why does it cost so much money? I mean lawyers are basically spending money that could go to family,” asked Wayne Dolcefino. Eric Becker replied, “no comment.”

Lawyer Eric Becker and Samantha Morris Jones wanted $195,000 in fees. The judge gave them only $95,00, less than half. They represented the controversial conservator appointed to control Marty’s life, Richard Huntington.

Listen to the judge, “It is abundantly clear to this court that Mr. Huntington’s was increasingly opposed to the expressed wishes of Marty Adair and all of her children.  He started actin in ways that may be more reasonably described as vindictive.”

Wayne Dolcefino asked, “Do you guys’ mind being called part of a cabal? What do you say to people who say that?”

Becker responded, “it’s nonsense.”

But the harshest words were left for David Shaver, the lawyer hired to represent Marty Adair’s best interest.

“You were representing the guardian ad litem you were actually representing Marty Adair; you think you’ve done right by Marty Adair” asked Wayne Dolcefino.

Shaver replied, “yes.”

Dolcefino continues, “How? You know what her daughters say, right, Mr. Shaver? They say you didn’t see her for six months after you were hired. Is that true?”

 “Mr. Shaver either waited over six months to meet with Marty Adair to ask her these questions, or worse, he still had these questions to ask her 18 months after he was appointed.” stated Judge Baytieh.

Shaver wanted more than $44,000 in legal fees, he got less than 16.

“They’ve enriched themselves over the dead bodies and hard work of our elderly Americans,” expressed Jodee Sussman.

More judges should stop the conservatorship money game if you are a victim, we are phone call away.

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