The DA’s Campaign Cash

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Kim Ogg used her birthday to get campaign cash. It speaks volumes about her ethics. You need to know.

New campaign finance reports show Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg continued to take campaign cash from a lawyer suing Arkema right in the middle of the failed criminal prosecution of Arkema executives.

District Judge Belinda Hill threw out the entire criminal case days later, and Ogg has refused to face cameras and answer charges of prosecutorial misconduct and allegations of a political prosecution.

Arkema defense lawyers had already been highly critical of Ogg taking campaign money from Attorney Mo Aziz while she was prosecuting the case.

“If that doesn’t make you throw up in your mouth a little bit, I don’t know what does,” Houston defense lawyer Dan Cogdell complained.

Ogg ignored the ethics problem. Just one day after Cogdell blasted the District Attorney for her failed prosecution of Arkema exec Michael Keough, Ogg took another $2,500 from Aziz. The lawyer suing Arkema was once again on the host committee for her Zoom birthday celebration as the District Attorney sought to send the rest of the indicted Arkema employees to prison.

Kim Ogg has refused to appear on camera in the wake of repeated allegations of prosecutorial misconduct against her office. 

At her birthday fundraiser Ogg did send a message to the judge and the city’s energy companies.

“It doesn’t matter one darn bit that a judge refused to let a jury hear this. It does not change the fact that we went after the people that made decisions in this company. By the way, it wasn’t political,” Ogg claimed to a small group of her supporters on a Zoom call.

“I’ve never seen such a you know what show in my life at the criminal justice system,” said famed defense attorney Rusty Hardin.

“The dismissal of the Arkema criminal case should raise troubling questions about the ethics of Kim Ogg’s office in white collar crime prosecutions,” said Dolcefino Consulting President Wayne Dolcefino. “Arkema executives were innocent of any criminal wrongdoing, and the raid of poker clubs last year fell apart when evidence surfaced that a consultant and campaign fundraiser to the District Attorney took money from the poker clubs. Ogg has refused to fully explain the misconduct in these two major prosecutions. Harris County residents deserve better.”

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