The Feds Are Here!

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BREAKING NEWS: The Feds Are Here! The Justice Department is now formally investigating a Houston real estate developer our viewers know ALL TOO WELL. Ali Choudhri is now accused in court papers of REFUSING TO COOPERATE with subpoenas in a federal probe of possible BANK FRAUD!

Houston real estate developer Ali Choudhri, he’s made quite a name for himself at the Harris County Courthouse and a ton of enemies. He’s often been accused of outright fraud in his real estate deals.

The allegations detailed in one lawsuit after another, a meandering trail of alleged rip-offs.

Just listen to his own lawyer.

“I’m done with the Ali bullshit! Ali thinks he’s so slick you can fuck everybody. No more,” said Lloyd Kelly in a call.

Lloyd Kelley doesn’t deny that’s his voice but claims that recording was illegally made. And has since accused us of somehow being part of a big conspiracy to both wiretap and defame him.

We’ve never been served Ali Choudhri has filed a very similar lawsuit against us, claiming we are a paid for hire blogger. Running a calculated and targeted character assassination campaign.

But Choudhri has a much bigger problem now than our ongoing investigation.

The justice department.

We now know Choudhri has been under investigation for possible bank fraud and has been for a year and a half.

This breaking news was made public in this court filing in federal court, the United States of America vs Jetall companies and Mohammed Ali Choudhri.

It is a petition asking a Houston federal judge to force Choudhri to provide documents first subpoenaed by the government on April 29, 2022.

“The United States is investigating false statements in connection with loans made to certain corporate entities,” reads the lawsuit. And they are examining Choudhri’s role or interest in the loan transactions. “A civil investigation by the United States of various statutes prohibiting financial fraud against or affecting certain banks and financial institutions,” reads the lawsuit.

The petition states Choudhri has claimed he doesn’t have the money to produce the documents the feds want. Interesting for a guy who recently sold his river oaks mansion, you’ve seen us highlight the place before.

It was owned by a company called VGRP.

The corporation’s headquarters, well, didn’t exactly look like the folks were financially behind that palatial mansion.

Turns out the real estate agent who owned the house admitted that corporation was essentially a real estate mirage.

“The LLC had nothing in it. There was nothing there. It never had any assets,” said Trey Young.

The Justice Department filing shows the feds want to see communications between Choudhri and Jetall and realtor James Trey Young.

We do know the government is looking at communications between Choudhri and Green and Veritex Banks. Veritex bought up Green Bank in January 2019.

Almost a year before the federal subpoenas were first issued. We reported on a damning piece of audio that revealed Choudhri may have tried to hide assets during his famed Sharia Law divorce case.

Choudhri avoided a lot of financial damage in that case by claiming he divorced his wife under Pakistani law, not U.S. law.

But as part of that case he still had to detail for the court what he owned.

This taped conversation with the bankers was exposed, it involved a property at 50 Briar Hollow.

“Why am I signing something that I’ve represented to her that I don’t have any involvement in. If that is later discovered for whatever reason it if even happens then that creates a lot of problem,” said Ali Choudhri.

At the time Hira Azhar’s appeals lawyer reacted.

“It is offensive, it is about as close as you can get to a smoking gun,” said Alan Daughtry.

The subpoenas track a lot of very same companies we’ve been asking questions about for years.

Like BDFI, which owned 50 Briar Hollow until October 4th of last year. Look what happened when we went to the corporation’s manager.

“No. No I’ve never heard of it. What does all stand for,” said Carolyn Nash.

There’s no shortage of folks who have complained to us about Ali Choudhri.

Despite all that, Choudhri complains we have been making wildly unfounded false and extraordinary harmful accusations of criminal activity.

That our videos have been designed to isolate “Choudhri” in his community.

But his public problems are widening with or without us.

Choudhri faces bankruptcy on the Galleria area building housing his headquarters, it was financed by the bank of Kuwait.

He faces multiple lawsuits alleging theft and fraud over this failed townhome project on Yale.

An arbitration panel called Choudhri “knowingly untruthful”, “the perpetrator of a fraudulent foreclosure scam.” When they ruled he owed 8.2 million dollars in a decade-long fight about this building at the corner of Westheimer and the loop, court filings suggest his mom just settled with the IRS over millions of unreported taxes.

The feds are also looking at communications between Choudhri and this guy Brad Parker, the former chief financial officer at Jetall.

The justice department doesn’t usually go to a federal judge publicly to announce investigations, but after a year and a half of chasing Ali Choudhri for answers. The feds are obviously tired of waiting.

 “Because that’s a fact… that’s a fact jack,” claimed Ali Choudhri.

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