A Ghostly Election

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If they’re telling us the truth it sounds like we didn’t have as many voting problems this Election Day. But remember – the turnout for our city election is only a small fraction of the turnout expected next year.

Harris County officials must get rid of the dead people, felons and out-of-towners from the voting rolls before the primary fight next Spring.

And while they’re cleaning up, they need to do rid of the Democrats help from the supernatural ghost precincts! Seriously…

Halloween may be over for another year so, why are we still out exposing ghosts?

Ghosts that may be impacting your vote in Harris County elections.

This is the San Jacinto monument, where Texas independence was won.

The tourists still come here to relive Sam Houston’s triumph but, no one lives on the monument grounds so there are no voters.

But this monument in eastern Harris County shows up as a voting precinct 1014 in our election last November.

And the vote turnout was of course zero and it will be zero after the mayor’s vote

Then there’s precinct 1066.On the map it looks like every other election precinct but when you put an aerial view on top of pct 1066, you can clearly see it’s just a stretch of highway.

No homes here and certainly no voters.

Drive down Westheimer between Highway 6 and Eldridge. Yep, right in the middle of the street is another political precinct.

“These particular zero population precincts, they’re in extremely odd places,” states Russ Long.

You remember Russ Long. He’s the engineer that produced a heat map this year showing ballot paper shortages were strangely concentrated in areas considered republican strongholds.

Now Russ is back with a new discovery, what we are calling ghost precincts with no voters.

And we checked across the country and it turns out this has happened in other places too.

Check out this TV story from Kentucky.

“We call them ghost precincts because they technically no one living in there there’s no houses,” said Gabrielle Summe.

There were just a couple ghost precincts in Kentucky, but here for some reason there are 66 political precincts with no registered voters. More than ever before. Little pieces of land left over after redistricting maps were redrawn.

“Looks like a string of pearls these vacant precincts all running down the bayou,” continues Russ Long.

We’re right along Braes Bayou just pass Main, take a look in the water.  Harris County says this small stretch of bayou is actually its very own political precinct. Obviously, no one votes there. Weird right? But you may be asking, if no one votes in these ghost precincts, why are republicans crying foul?

“This is an indicator of intent to disenfranchise republican voters,” states Long.

Here’s why Long calls this another example of Republican voter suppression.

Historically the party split of political precincts would mirror the result of the governor’s race.

In the 2022 election, Greg Abbott won the governor’s race, but won only 44.5% of the votes cast in Harris County. But republicans ended up with just 31% of the republican precinct judges in this county.

“That’s a full 13% power shift to the democrat favor,” said Long.

That’s because the Harris County lections administrator decided that all of these ghost precincts, the ones with no voters in them, well they were actually tied on election day and awarded all the ties – every single one of them – to the democrats. Meaning they get to have more election judges controlling the voting process.

“You can’t have a tie when nobody votes. Okay it’s a zero-population uninhabited so it’s impossible to have a tied,” states Long.

“I think it’s just very patently unfair,” expressed Sonya Aston.

Sonya Aston used to run elections in Harris County. Now she’s an expert for the Harris County Republican Party.

“The democrats now have 11 more polls where democrat judges are going to be running them as opposed to republicans,” continues Aston.

The Republican Party has compiled a list of democratic precinct judges they accuse of violating election law. Skirting rules to make sure only eligible people vote. They even have a nickname for them, the dirty thirty.

Now you can add democratic ghost precincts to the growing complaints that Harris County elections are simply unfair, because of games being played by Lina Hidalgo and the crew.

Like the still unanswered questions about the ballot paper shortages, or the Baker Ripley problems that helped the democrats get an extra hour of voting, or the failure to stop letting dead people sign up for mail in ballots, or the refusal to take felons off the voting rolls or take off folks who don’t live here anymore.

“In Harris County the problem we have it’s a death by a thousand cuts. There’s a little bit being taken off here and a little being taken off there,” expressed Aston.

Take the locations of polls. We have county wide voting but the numbers don’t add up.

Rodney Ellis, he’s the commissioner of precinct one, 668,000 registered voters.

The only republican on commissioners court is Tom Ramsey, in precinct three, he has 753,000 registered voters.

85,000 more voters than Ellis has. In precinct 3 there are 179 polls. Precinct one has 193 places to vote.

“It becomes really clear this was intentional, they created these postage size precincts in order to increase the precinct count for the democrats side,” said Long.

We will be watching as the mayor’s race heads to a runoff.

“It’s too late to really do something about this election. And what we need to do is make sure it’s fixed for upcoming elections,” said Aston.

A preliminary audit by the Secretary of State has already confirmed what we’ve been trying to tell you since last year.

The November 22 election was a mess, “Harris County clearly had multiple failures conducting the election and violated election law,” read the audit.

Now it’s time for the Secretary of State to do something about it. Like tell the democrats that zero isn’t a tie.

I say it’s time to get rid of the ghost.

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