Living A Lie

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It’s time to vote and we continue to alert you about wannabe public officials who are trying to pull off election shenanigans. This time OUR INVESTIGATORS and OUR CAMERAS are watching a Texas House race in Fort Bend County where one of the candidates is being accused of living a lie…

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You’re about to watch one of the oldest tricks in the investigative business.

Cops do it, P.I.s do, and so do we.

We place a Dolcefino Consulting business card in the door frame of this small house in Rosenberg.

It’s a way to tell if the front door is ever opened.

It’s a small house in Rosenberg that’s under surveillance by the Dolcefino crew.

Out front, there’s a twenty-two-year-old pickup truck. We left our card on February 7th and returned seven days later.

And guess what? Our business card was still there. So was that car.

It’s pretty clear no one has opened this front door in a while.

On the porch, there are campaign signs.

There’s one in the front window too and one waving out in the breeze in the front yard. All signs for a guy named Dan Mathews. He’s ran and lost in two elections already in this state.

Four years ago, Mathews ran for Congressional District 22 and lost. Two years ago, he ran for State Representative in District 76 and lost. And now he’s a candidate in the Texas House race in Fort Bend County District 28. Boy, he sure moves around a lot, doesn’t he?

Let’s listen to this straight shooter, who has avoided us for weeks. The host of this YouTube video apparently likes to be on camera but listen closely to what Dan Mathews is saying.

“Election integrity should be on your mind,” said Dan Mathews in a podcast interview.

We agree, Mr. Mathews, election integrity is on our mind too. We’ve spent the last year trying to clean up the elections in Harris County, thousands of illegal votes found, a horribly run 2022 county election.

And we get asked to investigate politicians who just don’t tell the truth about their eligibility to even run for office. Our criminal complaint about Fort Bend County Sheriff candidate Pete Luna is now being investigated by the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. His house is in Harris County. The Fort Bend County Democratic Party knew it and did nothing about it. And we can look at the Texas Constitution to see who is eligible to run to be a member of the Texas House of Representatives.

“It simply says that you have to be, a resident of the district you’re going to be elected to, for at least 12 months before the general election date,” said Texas State Representative Cody Vasut.

On Dan Mathews’ sworn application to be on the ballot in District 28, he claims this Rosenberg address is his permanent address. And it’s a crime not to tell the truth on this government record. It is true that Mathews owns this house, He owns others too but look when it was bought, October 6th. Less than a month before the residency deadline. Right under the wire.

But there’s a ton of evidence that Dan Mathews really doesn’t live here.

“That’s right. And he also, the evidence indicated, put it up for rent on November 7th after the deadline for establishing residency,” said Vasut.

“And did you conduct surveillance on Daniel Mathews on or about December 26th and 27th, 2023,” they asked PI Juan Diaz in a deposition.

Diaz replied, “Yes, I did.”

Last month, a private investigator who works a lot with us gave sworn testimony in a lawsuit filed by Gary Gates. The Republican incumbent in Texas House District 28 who is running for re-election.

“I’m governor Greg Abbott and I am proud to endorse Gary Gates for the Texas House of Representatives,” said Greg Abbott.

Gates asked the judge to issue an emergency order to have Mathews disqualified from the March ballot. Alleging that he was pulling a fast one on those folks in 28. Mathews had been watched on multiple days and nights. And the video evidence was crystal clear.

He was waking up and going home at night to a more expensive two-story house in Missouri City. That’s not District 28, it’s District 27. Oops.

“In documenting the activities at the residence, he comes and goes freely from that house as a normal person would at their own residence. His family is there. Their vehicles are there. They’re there in the morning. They’re there in the evening and at night, basically throughout the day. Throughout the surveillance. That’s the residence that he went and came from,” Diaz said when deposed.

“When somebody comes in and runs in an area they don’t live in, don’t intend to live in, that’s kind of cheating the residents out of their local representation,” Vasut said.

As of December 19th, 2023, that permanent address being used by Mr. Mathews was clearly empty. Investigators could see inside, and that was before Mathews made sure to close the blinds.

“The interior, at least from what was visible, was empty,” Diaz explained.

Vasut asked, “Did you see any furniture?”

“No, sir,” answered Diaz.

“Did you see any clothing,” asked Vasut.

Diaz answered, “No.”

“Did you see any sign of human habitation,” continued Vasut.

“No,” said Diaz.

“When anyone ever went to that house to check and see if he was home, he was never there, in Rosenberg. And instead, the house is empty,” stated Vasut.

Mathews was also deposed in that lawsuit. Sadly, there is no video, it would’ve been fun. But Dan Mathews not only wants you to believe the surveillance video, he wants you to believe he’s some kind of nomad.

“I have multiple properties. So, I stayed in multiple places as time permits or as necessary,” read the deposition.

Mathews owns a house in Sugar Land that he bought in January 2020 but during the deposition couldn’t remember when he lived there and when he didn’t.

At one point, the lawyer even asks Mathews if he has a medical condition that impairs his memory. A little legal sarcasm. Mathews says, “Not that I know of.”

Records we’ve looked at show Mathews has a homestead exemption on that house. But the tax bill goes to that Missouri City address.

Mathews bought that house in Missouri City back in August 2020 and then gifted it to his daughter in April 2022. But he admits he pays all the bills because she doesn’t have a job.

“What do you think is the most compelling evidence,” asked Wayne Dolcefino.

“Number one, he was served in the lawsuit at the house in Missouri City. He didn’t change his address on his driver’s license until the day after he was served at the house in Missouri City,” stated Vasut.  

We called Mathew’s weeks ago.

We’ve been trying to find Mr. Mathews for weeks and never called us back but has been bragging that Gates lost that lawsuit.

“The court did not say that he was eligible to run. Court never even got to consider that,” clarified Vasut.

Because the law says one day after the filing deadline is too late to get someone off the ballot for the primary. But if Mathews should win, don’t be surprised if the democrats try to get him off the ballot.

“He bankrupt my campaign. He spied me, my private property, using legislative staff to spy and videotape my house,” claimed Mathews.

We plead guilty to the charge of just trying to make sure Mr. Mathews has the right to represent these folks in District 28, including those neighbors in Rosenberg who know you don’t live there.

Mathews did change his voter registration to that Rosenberg address before the November election. He had to, but his wife and kids are registered to vote in Missouri City. District 27. They can’t even vote for him in March.

Why should you?

“I think that if the voters look at the evidence, they’re likely to conclude that Mr. Mathews doesn’t live in house district 28 and therefore is not eligible to run,” Vasut said.

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