Still Dead

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If you thought Harris County would launch an investigation after we found DEAD PEOPLE AND FELONS on the voter rolls you’d be wrong! Despite the proof – we’ve been accused of spreading CONSPIRACY THEORIES. It doesn’t change the fact that the dead people who asked for ballots are STILL DEAD!

“I will end the culture of corruption politics obstruction in the tax assessor’s office,” claimed Ann Harris Bennett in a speech.

That was Ann Bennett sales pitch seven years ago to get elected your Harris county tax accessor but here’s the breaking news. Bennett just announced she’s not running for reelection next year.

Just weeks after getting the job of cleaning up the screwed-up voter rolls in Harris County.

Bennett’s office had just told us Monday she wouldn’t answer questions until after the November mayors election about her plan to keep dead people from asking for mail in ballots , because they are. Or getting felons off the voting rolls. We found dozens registered out of just the 100 we searched.

We found out in recent days, the now defunct election administrators office wasn’t even checking the voter rolls to find people who had moved away, forget the ones that have a tombstone. And that’s required under state law.

“And you just can’t get these voter rolls out of control and clearly what the election administrators office did was let them get out of control,” states Bettencourt.

Maybe Bennett wasn’t the one to fix it. Listen to what she wanted to do.

“I’ll be advocating for online registration for automatic voter registration. Once your registered you stay registered,” said Bennette.

Think about that. What if you move? What if you die? It’s ripe for fraud, ballot harvesting, but thinking these wild thoughts have gotten some more lawyers mad at me.

I’m talking about Austin lawyer Doug Ray and Houston democratic lawyer Cris Feldman. The guy who charged taxpayers a quarter of a million dollars to help Rodney Ellis clean up his African art mess.

A quarter of a million.

They are now representing this guy, probate judge Jason Cox, who was declared the winner of the November election over Rory Olson.

Olsen is challenging the results even though he supposedly lost by 33,000 votes.

“Our experts have identified thousands of individuals that we believed voted illegally,” states Jared Woodfill.

“The only way we stop voter fraud is if we start from the beginning making sure we have an accurate correct voter registration roll,” continued Woodfill.

Olsen and Feldman want the judge hearing the election challenge to dismiss the case. Mostly on grounds Woodfill didn’t follow deadlines.

But once again, a Dolcefino consulting video has found its way into a lawsuit we have nothing to do with.

“The October 6th hearing, and this court itself, have been misused in social media,” read the lawsuit.

The lawyers accuse us in their pleadings of spinning conspiracy theories, of naming public employees in an ominous fashion. They even complain we show a picture of the judge. How dare us.

“We would love to have other people step up and feel strongly about the future of Harris County if they want to see the county be fair and equitable whether its democrat or republican,” said Mattress Mack.

Mattress Mack and I made it abundantly clear over and over again that since the November election we were trying to restore election integrity.  Sunshine, regardless of who wins.

We helped expose the polling locations that didn’t open on time.  Where machines were broken. Places where voters were turned away because of ballot paper shortages.

We’ve been fighting Harris County in court over the outrageous secrecy of election records by Lina Hidalgo and her buddies on commissioners court.

That’s why the Olson-Cox lawsuit was important to us, it was the discovery that no one was bothering to routinely clean the voter rolls. So dead folks, felons, and out of towners vote in our local elections. The lawyers call that a conspiracy theory.

Aren’t you tired of that phrase?

Maybe Cris Feldman and Doug Ray don’t mind a few dead people voting in our elections, felons too. But I do mind.

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