The Bully Queen

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Austin Homicide detectives say they have now ruled out suicide in the death of 36-year-old Jerome Brooks. He was the former aide to mayoral candidate Sheila Jackson Lee who was berated in that now famed audio leaked during the campaign.

The timing of Brooks’ death has been a big subject on social media, and his mom says Queen Sheila should choose another occupation.

“Well, I think what is most important for our fellow Houstonians is transparency,” claimed Shelia Jackson Lee.

Just listen to Sheila Jackson Lee talk about transparency.

Boy I love a good laugh. This is a same woman who has been trying to keep secrets from us since last March. Simply ignoring our requests for information about people who used to work for her in our government offices.

We were looking to see if Queen Sheila had changed her ways.

Remember those headlines about the horrible way she treated the folks who worked for her?

Using LinkedIn, we found many of them anyway, and we found out Miss Transparency actually made her government employees sign a non-disclosure agreement. What was she trying to hide?

And lo and behold one of her former staff members is now at the center of the biggest bombshell in this year’s mayoral campaign.

“So, when I called Jerome, he only sitting up there like a fat ass stupid idiot talking about, uh, what the fuck he doesn’t know,” said Shelia Jackson Lee.

On October 21st in a leaked audio, Jackson Lee was publicly exposed as a foul-mouthed bully of a boss.

Berating employees, including Jerome Brooks who worked for the congresswoman for more than 2 years.

“Both of y’all are fuck ups [inaudible]. It’s the worst shit that I could have ever had put together. Two goddamn big ass children fucking idiots serve no goddamn purpose,” continued Jackson Lee.

It is a 10-year-old recording, but I bet you didn’t know that just eight days after that recording became the talk of our town; the 36-year-old aide targeted by Sheila Jackson Lee in that rant turned up dead.

Austin police tell us Jerome Brooks was found dead by a friend on October 29th at 1:32 in the morning.

From these heavily redacted police report we just got; we learned his body was found here at HomeTowne Studios.

Austin police tell us releasing the rest of the information would interfere with “the detection investigation or prosecution of an open or pending criminal matter,” Specifically witness interviews and the 911 call.

It may be because Hill Country Forensics, the private firm doing the autopsy, has not yet announced a cause of death.

A full month later, his official cause of death has not been determined.

Jerome’s funeral was here, at The Greater First Baptist Church in Lisman, Alabama.

“I’m calling about Jerome Brooks, who passed away,” said Andrea Palacio.

“That was my son. That’s my son,” said Varia Brooks.

This is Jerome’s mom, Varia, in Alabama.

The last time I talked to him was the last Friday of last month,” recalled Varia.

“And he said moms I don’t come see you then. I’ll get to see you Monday. And it was that Monday when they told me that he was dead,” continued Varia.

Several days after Jerome was buried, social media users began suggesting Jerome may have committed suicide.

Jackson Lee blamed in posts for fat shaming him, being the bully that made Jerome want to kill himself. But that came as a surprise to his mother.

“It wasn’t ruled a suicide. I know that” stated Varia Brooks.

Mrs. Brooks doesn’t believe her son would kill himself but doesn’t know yet how he died.

The last time she talked to him, Brooks told her he had gone to an Austin hospital just that week.

“He had been sick, had been to the hospital so I’m not quite sure on that because I’m trying now to get the hospital records to say. Cause he was telling me that he was having mini strokes,” said Varia Brooks.

At this point, what caused this 36-year-old man’s death is still a bit of mystery but the timing of his death with the release of that embarrassing audio tape is at least curious.

“I need to ensure my schedule. And, uh, you know, if boo boo did it, shit ass did it, fuck face did it. And nobody knows a goddamn thing in my office. Okay? Nothing,” said Shelia Jackson Lee.

Jerome’s mom didn’t even know the recording had been made public. She had heard the recording years ago; Jerome had played it for her.

We can’t know if Jerome knew the recording had gone public… but we do know one thing.

Mrs. Brooks says Sheila Jackson Lee isn’t fit for public office.

“I’ve never met the lady, but just from that conversation that she had with my son about, well, with the other guy about my son, especially knowing that if she is in politics, that might not be the place she needs to be if she’s working for the people,” expressed Brooks.

In published reports, Jackson Lee has expressed “regret” about her nasty rant but didn’t publicly apologize to the staffers she insulted.

But she keeps getting slammed on social media.

“Too bad Jerome Brooks is not at his family thanksgiving dinner,” read the comment.

“What about condolences to the family of your dead staffer, Jerome Brooks,” read the comment.

Jackson Lee likely knows he died; daughter Erica Lee donated 100 dollars to a go fund me page for brooks burial.

“Hello? Is this Erica? I was on the phone this morning with Jerome Brooks’ mom, and she told me that you knew him, and I just wanted to get a reaction about how – about him passing,” asked Andrea Palacio

“Yeah, I don’t have a reaction. Bye,” replied Erica Lee.

Sheila Jackson Lee’s campaign says go vote for Auntie Sheila, like she’s some sweet older member of the family.

“Both of y’all are fuck ups [inaudible]. It’s the worst shit that I could have ever had put together. Two goddamn big ass children fucking idiots serve no goddamn purpose,” said Shelia Jackson Lee.

A recent poll shows nearly half of Houstonians say the audio recording won’t affect their vote. But it may help explain why virtually every city employee group including the cops, and firefighters, and invisible workers too all want you to vote for her opponent John Whitmire instead.

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