Union Pacific Loses Appeal, Must Face Trial On Fifth Ward Contamination

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Fifth Ward residents will get their chance to fight a proposed new hazardous waste permit for railroad company Union Pacific tonight when the TCEQ holds a hearing at the DeLUXE Theater at 3303 Lyons Avenue, Houston, Texas 77020.

The hearing comes as Union Pacific deals with a big loss in the courtroom. A Texas appeals court says the company must face a property damage and personal injury lawsuit over alleged exposure to creosote contamination from cancer-stricken residents.

“Union Pacific’s delay tactics are coming to an end,” said Jason Gibson, attorney for more than a thousand Fifth Ward residents. “The Union Pacifics of the world cannot contaminate, cover up and then walk away. They will finally be held accountable.”

The news of the appeals court ruling comes as residents plan to protest Tuesday night May 3, 2022, to stop any plans the TCEQ may have to give Union Pacific a new hazardous waste permit.

Attorney Jason Gibson and environmental experts hired by the Gibson Law Firm will be on hand to detail the effects of the cancerous creosote contamination on the community. 

Many of the victims in this cancer cluster are expected to testify.

The TCEQ hearing tonight will be held at the DeLUXE Theater at 3303 Lyons Avenue in the Fifth Ward.


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