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The City of Dickinson has responded to an updated petition to remove from office the man we have called the Dick of Dickinson. Here we go again.

The answer is no. Again.

So get ready for a showdown at Dickinson City Hall.

For the second time, the Dickinson City Secretary has rejected petitions with more than enough signatures to recall the mayor.

“I think it will drive that wedge even further between people,” Scott Shrader told us.

So, if you’re confused, so are we.

The city charter clearly says recall that the petitions could be amended, but now the city secretary is saying, “no, they never could be fixed.”

A fatal blow for those trying to get rid of the mayor.

“It’s kind of an odd thing. Why bother going through the process of amending it if you’re never going to accept the amendment?” Asked Sonya Aston, attorney.

The next stop for recall organizers is a City Council meeting late this month.

“I think if we can get the mayor to resign or get him recalled, I think some of the council members will do the right thing,” Shrader said.

But what’s next if the council says no?

If the mayor won’t resign voluntarily, recall organizers can go to a judge, a lawsuit that will cost taxpayers money for the city to fight.

Or, they can start a new recall effort altogether.

“All options are on the table,” Shrader said.

“Including a bigger recall?” Asked Dolcefino.

 “Correct,” Shrader answered.

“Is there a chance now that the recall could spread to other council members?” Dolcefino asked.

“Absolutely. Sure,” answered Shrader.

“Is that something you’re thinking about?” Dolcefino asked.

“We sure have,” Shrader replied.

In any case, a deeply divided Dickinson, no end in sight.

“I’m the Dick of Dickinson, as everybody heard, right? On YouTube,” Sean Skipworth said.

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