What Is Sheila Hiding?

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Sheila Jackson Lee wants to be Houston’s next Mayor, so she better start answering questions.

It was billed as an evening with congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee at the Faith Lutheran Church.

But it was all about her run for Houston mayor.

The congresswoman would only take pre submitted questions she could screen, so we tried the good old-fashioned way.

“Sheila, can we ask you a quick question, I’d like to know why you sign your employees to non-disclosure agreement. Can you explain why you do that,” asked reporter Brian Collister.

The congresswoman would ignore us, but you got to love the look on her face.

For months Sheila has ignored our multiple requests for the names of present and former employees, after all, the last time I checked we pay for them.

The congresswoman has made headlines for decades for the way she acted on Capitol Hill.

In 1998 the Houston press reported five of lee’s staffers quit in disgust because of her “abrasive ways”.

In 2011, the Huffington Post called her the “worst boss in congress” and reported Lee had gone through eleven chiefs of staff in eleven years.

The Chronicle revealed that same year lee had the highest turnover among staff in the Houston delegation over the past decade.

Former aides spoke of her “erratic and abusive behavior in the workplace.”

And in 2017 Lee was again named one of the “meanest members of congress” by the Washingtonian based on its anonymous survey of congressional employees.

Sounds like the perfect person to be our mayor.

Her handlers were certainly mean to us.

“Will she answer questions,” asked Collister.  Staffer replied, “not from you.”

But were persistent little critters. And the last thing we need is more secrecy at city hall, so we walked up Sheila in the crowd to try again.

The Bellaire cops know where to find me if they want to, but what you just witnessed is what the future will look life if this woman is elected. Secrets about simple things, like the names of government employees.

“I’d like to know why you sign your employees to non-disclosure agreements. Can you explain why you do that,” asked Collister.

What else is she hiding? Stay tuned.

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