You’re Dead To Me

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I see DEAD PEOPLE. And they’re trying to get ballots to vote in Harris County. Seriously? Wait until you hear the latest shocker in our investigation of the 2022 election.

The Korean war, the early 50’s, one of our heroes was a soldier named Tommie Bookman.

He was laid to rest in 2016 here at the Houston National Cemetery. He was 84 years old. His tombstone says he proudly served his country.

But despite being dead since 2016, Harris County voter records show Tommie Bookman is still listed as an active registered voter.

And get this, public records show that somehow bookman applied for a mail in ballot in the democratic primary in 2020. Four years after he died.

And he is not the only dead voter still on the Harris County voter rolls.

Kathleen Hooey also requested a mail in ballot in 2020, despite having died twenty-nine years before this application was signed and mailed.

In both cases, private investigators confirmed with family members these voters had passed away years before the requests for mail in ballots were submitted in their name.

“There’s no voter fraud here don’t call my house about that mess,’ claimed Ophelia Bookman.

Yet, there are sworn affidavits that the signatures on those applications wasn’t even the right handwriting.

Wayne asked, “No doubt felonies were committed?”

“Applying for a ballot by mail in the name of a dead person is a felony. It’s a Texas state jail felony,” stated Colleen Vera.

Wayne clarified, “No doubt that some of those folks are very dead.”

“Oh, they’re dead. Yeah. I mean, they died, you know, years ago,” said Colleen.

Those dead voters were found by Colleen Vera.

A retired schoolteacher who now investigates possible voter fraud

“I don’t understand why people just can’t be honest, it would be so simple,” expresses Colleen.

Colleen is the widow of Alan Vera, who oversaw ballot security for the republican party for years.

He died weeks before 2022 election challenges first went to court.

“The system’s broken and someone needs to fix it,” says Colleen.

What we showed you is evidence of possible illegal vote harvesting and state investigators were told about this woman, Gloria Palmer, who worked for the Sheila Jackson Lee campaign in 2020 as an assistant.  Turns out she was a convicted forger.

On YouTube, there’s even audio of Palmer showing how it works.

“We do block walking.  We get out there before the opponent gets out there. Get those applications done. If I hit one-thousand applications, go back when it’s time for the ballots to come, go back to them before the opponents get in there and get them to get the absentee vote for the person I’m working for,” says Palmer.

Vera says it was Palmer who mailed in the suspect applications for those dead people.

“She’s the one who put her name on the envelope and mailed it with 100. And there were over 100 applications for ballot by mail in the 2020 democratic primary. In that envelope is where we found four deceased people and one lady that said that she left Harris County 23 years ago,” stated Colleen Vera.

Vera says it was Palmer who mailed in the suspect applications for those dead people.

“In the democratic primary, in that envelope is where we found four deceased people and one lady that said that she left Harris County 23 years ago,” recalls Colleen Vera.  

These documents were given to the secretary of state, the attorney general, and D.A. Kim Ogg.

No one was ever charged with a crime.

Obviously if you’re dead you can’t apply for a ballot, but voters that have moved out of the county aren’t supposed to vote either in our local elections either.

None of this should be happening.

According to Texas election law, Harris County officials are supposed to get a copy of the national change of address database at least once a month. They are supposed to then compare it to voter rolls to see who moved away.

But we’ve discovered Harris County has been breaking the law for years.

We learned this shocker because of one of those election challenges. This one filed by former probate judge candidate Rory Olsen. His lawyer recently took the deposition on Sue Hastings.

“Well, we actually started with Clifford Tatum and Clifford Tatum didn’t know anything about voter registration, but he did identify someone named Sue Hastings,” said Jared Woodfill.

Sue Hastings was the director of voter registration.

“So, you would think sue hastings would know everything about voter registration in harris county,” states Woodfill.

“I found out she knew very little about voter registration about what was going on in her own office,” continued Woodfill.

And she surprisingly said that the party was allowing a third-party contractor to clean the voter rolls.

Woodfill asked, “Is there anyone from your office that goes back and makes sure that the third-party vendor does that job properly, doesn’t make mistakes?”

Hastings answered, “No.”

That third-party vendor Hastings said, was a company called Level One.

Hastings said this guy would know the whole story, Harry Vasquez who worked at Level One.

“When I took Mr. Vasquez’s deposition his testimony was, I don’t think we ever did it, ever,” recalls Jared Woodfill.

Since April of 2020, Level One has been paid $171,932 by Harris County, but the elections administrators office didn’t even know what they were doing or made sure voter rolls were accurate.

“That means we have a voter roll a voter roster where arguably thousands of individuals who no longer live in Harris County, live someplace else in the state or live outside the state or even have moved within Harris County are casting illegal votes” states Jared Woodfill.

It’s a bombshell discovery that could impact ongoing election challenges, most are still underway eleven months after the 2022 election.

“Well disappointment not shock because quite frankly the3 elections administrators office had fallen into such a state of malevolence and disrepair that and nothing surprises me anymore,” expressed Paul Bettencourt.

When Paul Bettencourt was tax assessor in the late 90’s his office found tens of thousands of illegal voters by simply looking.

As state senator he led the effort in Austin this year to get rid of Clifford Tatum as the county election administrator and return Harris County elections to elected officials.

“What this means is that no one had been doing voter registration rolls in years,” states Paul Bettencourt.

Bettencourt calls what we’ve exposed part of an election horror show. We do know that the San Antonio judge, David Peeples, who’s hearing the election challenges, doesn’t like it.

“I’ll just tell you; it does seem to me that some serious things were said in that Hastings deposition with Vasquez. When you consider those two together,” stated Peeples.

We found another compelling reason to immediately order a scrubbing of our voter rolls.

Guys like Marques Potts, you can see he is a current registered voter.  he’s also a convicted felon, he plead guilty to stabbing a woman. And now he is charged with murdering his girlfriend while on probation for that other crime.

You see this obituary for Cedric Ray Fobbs? He died twelve and a half years ago, and he was a convicted felon at the time of his death. Someone should tell the voter registration folks he is no longer eligible to vote, but somehow, he’s still registered.

Remember last year we were trying to warn you about soft on crime judges?

Their rulings were getting people killed, still are.

Crimestoppers were keeping track of the felons getting out of jail on PR bonds.

And we used that data again, this time to check 100 convicted felons to see if any were registered to vote.

Of the 100 convicted felons we checked 23 had active voter registrations.

Felons, dead folks, and folks who just plain don’t live here anymore.

And you wonder why folks are losing faith in our elections.

“The bottom line is somebody has to do the job of cleaning up the rolls. If you don’t have integrity, you’re not going to have election results that everyone believes,” said Paul Bettencourt.

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