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Liberty County Launches Investigation Of Drainage In Controversial Colony Ridge

Trey Harris and Liberty County Officials

Share this story: Liberty County Judge Jay Knight has confirmed a formal investigation into Colony Ridge, the massive housing development sparking drainage concerns for tens of thousands of families along the east fork of the San Jacinto River. The probe[…..]

Cleveland CONstruction?

Share this story: We’ve found possible violations of state bidding laws in two school districts trying to keep up with the surge of children in Colony Ridge. That’s the 50-square-mile colonia for illegal immigrants spreading across Liberty County. We were[…..]

The Little Town That Could

Share this story: The tiny Liberty County, Texas town of Plum Grove has been fighting to save itself from real estate developer Colony Ridge, and now the town is battling back with subpoenas for the records that will prove whether missing[…..]

A Warning Ignored

Share this story: We already knew Liberty County Commissioners didn’t care a lick about the flooding being caused by the controversial Colony Ridge neighborhood, but if there was any doubt it was erased today. Just days after the TCEQ blasted[…..]

Stabbed In The Back

Share this story: Liberty County Judge Jay Knight is turning his back on the small town of Plum Grove while a rich, politically connected developer tries to bully the city council into silence. Failing roads, overwhelmed firefighters, drainage of raw[…..]

Second Annual Dolcefino Crybaby Award

Colony Ridge Developer Trey Harris is Dolcefino Consulting's Crybaby of the Year.

Share this story: Dolcefino Consulting likes to recognize the biggest crybabies that we encounter in our fight for truth and justice. Last year it was Ronny Wall, Senior Associate General Counsel for Texas Tech University. He received the award for[…..]

Liberty County Officials Ignore Dangers of Huge Colonia

Trey Harris and Liberty County Officials

Share this story: The Harris County Flood Control District is warning tonight of increased flooding danger after Liberty County Commissioners approved the expansion of a “colonia” being developed by the politically powerful Harris family. “It can have the potential to[…..]

The Consequences Of The Colonia

Share this story: A startling traffic alarm coming from the Splendora Police Department. The small town north of Houston on I-69 is seeing a dramatic increase in traffic tickets for no insurance or drivers’ licenses. In the first ten months[…..]

Hundreds To Lose Homes To Rich Developer

Share this story: More than 200 families will lose their land and homes Tuesday as the controversial developer in Liberty County continues mass foreclosures. Nearly 97 percent of foreclosures in the county are now linked to a neighborhood housing a[…..]