A Dick Move

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We’re not surprised that the Mayor of Dickinson is already playing games to try to keep people from recalling him from office. And he’s arrogant enough to put the evidence online.

“So, everything you’re doing, they’re all going to be thrown out,” said Sean Skipworth.

The recall effort in Dickinson was less than 24 hours old when Mayor Sean Skipworth himself tried to interfere with a block walker collecting signatures.

Joe lowery, who led two recall efforts next door in La Marque, has offered to help his neighbors in Dickinson if they fear retaliation for signing the petition.

Apparently, Skipworth has cornered this person and threatened to throw out all of the signatures that he collected,” said Joe Lowry.

Mayor Skipworth ought to know better.

“So. the thing is, the people that are out getting these signatures, they actually have to have the people on a committee witness the signature because they got to turn in an affidavit,” said Skipworth.

So, the thing is mayor, you’re wrong. Dead wrong.

The city charter says committee members, the five folks who filed the affidavit for the recall petition, can appoint designees to circulate the petition and collect signatures.

Those designees, also called circulators, are the witnesses for the signatures they collect.

Hey mayor, real advice – what you’ve done here is exactly the kind of thing that has made so many people want to get rid of you. You put the evidence on Facebook.

“You’re violating the charter. These signatures aren’t going to count. So. They’re not going to count.  So goodbye,” said Skipworth.

Now, that would be interference with the recall petition. I believe it’s a crime. I hope they file a police report and I hope to bring up more later and give you better details of what’s going on,” said Lowry in a Facebook post.

The affidavit for the recall petition was certified by the city secretary on Monday.

The recall committee has 30 days to collect 689 signatures.

“I’m pretty confident. I think there’s a lot of upset people in Dickinson,” said Scott Shrader.

But the mayor isn’t the only person harassing block walkers.

Some dude calling himself “upset-pineapple” (a swingers term) posted this video on Reddit.

Thinking he had busted an out of state canvasser trying to collect signatures to hold a recall election.

Another lesson for the mayor’s buddies, you don’t have to live in Dickinson to help collect the signatures for the recall. And no one forces anyone to sign the petition.

This Mississippi truck driver hired to help collect signatures took the high road with this “upset pineapple.”

To us it just sounded more like sour grapes.

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