A Job For Tatum

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BREAKING NEWS: The guy who botched our election has a new job, but he’s no longer counting votes.

Clifford Tatum is no longer in charge of Harris County elections.

He got fired by the Texas Legislature. They passed a law to eliminate his position after he mishandled the November 2022 election.

Dolcefino Consulting has learned Tatum is still being paid by you the taxpayers.

“Clifford can you explain why you’re not talking directly to the voters of Harris County about what happened,” asked Brian Collister.

According to records we just got, Tatum has now been hired by Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia.

His new job pays 100-thousand dollars a year.  

Well $99,985 to be exact.          

“Clifford, let me ask you a question. The Texas legislature effectively fired you after what happened last November. Why do you think you shouldn’t be losing your job for what happened,” continued Collister.

Well now we know that Tatum hasn’t lost his job, he just moved to a new one.

We found the job posting and it shows Tatum’s will “direct all phases of fleet operations” at Precinct 2.

That includes “preventative maintenance, repairs, parts inventory, fuel management and procurement of vehicles.” That’s kind of ironic since at least one lawsuit aimed at overturning the botched election claims Tatum and his staff “apparently did not conduct regular maintenance on Harris County’s voting equipment before the election.”

Let’s just hope he can run a fleet of vehicles better than he can run an election.

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