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It’s unacceptable that Harris County’s top election official simply refuses to face questions about the botched November election.

And we aren’t going to stop chasing him even though the arrogant secrecy-crew downtown doesn’t think you deserve the truth. Who the hell really won the election?

Tatum won’t talk.

“Clifford, Wayne Dolcefino has a message for you. And that’s sunshine. What are you so afraid of people finding out?” asked Brian Collister.

A rare chance to see Harris County elections boss Clifford Tatum out in public talking about what I like to now call the November nightmare.

And no, I don’t work for the apologists like Jen Rice at the Houston Chronicle. The town’s remaining big newspaper doesn’t seem to really care about the election truth anymore. Wonder why?

“Clifford, can you explain why you’re not talking directly to the voters of Harris County about what happened?” asked Collister.

Lawyers hired by Harris County were in Travis County spending your tax dollars so they could help Tatum keep his job, and they won, for a hot minute.

Democrat Judge Karin Crump says Tatum should be in charge of the November election when we vote for mayor. God forbid. She declared after less than an hour of testimony Tatum was a non-partisan professional, a credible witness, well qualified.

Hey Judge! You should look at our investigative file.

The Attorney General’s office appealed to the Texas Supreme Court.

So, for now Clifford will be out of a job in less than a month.

The Harris County Republican party says Tatum would have already been fired if Lina Hidalgo, Rodney Ellis, Adrian Garcia, and Leslie Briones had a “shred of integrity.”

Their lawyer Andy Taylor declared Tatum “totally botched the November 2022 general election.”

“There would be no election litigation is you run the elections properly, fairly, and according to the law,” said Cindy Siegel.

It’s getting uglier by the day, so let’s lighten the mood. Shall we? Want you to hear what Tatum said on the witness stand about last Novembers election?

“Yes, we encountered a few challenges in that election. Right away I identified things I would have done differently,” testified Tatum.

A few challenges? Things I would have done differently? This guy has been botching elections for more than a decade.

Fifteen percent of polls didn’t open on time, 68 polling locations ran out of ballot paper, dozens of precinct judges didn’t keep the polls open when a judge ordered an extra hour of voting.

And now the hits keep coming.

Dolcefino Consulting has now learned voting machines weren’t even tested to see if they worked right in the days before the big election.

That’s smart Clifford.

And we now have the actual logs detailing polling place troubleshooting. And they’re frightening!

Some of the 55 million dollar voting machines we recently bought didn’t work at 230 polls.

“Clifford can we just ask you a few questions about why you let the ballot paper run out at those polling locations?” asked Collister.

The Harris County Attorney thinks complaining about the election is all part of a racist conspiracy.

“One of the best-known strategies is you immediately make black and brown politicians look corrupt,” said Christian Menefee.

We shouldn’t even include that nonsense in this report. We think Mr. Menefee should get back to work, spend his day coughing up the election records he’s been illegally hiding.

Mattress Mack and I shouldn’t be spending money on lawyers to see clearly public records. No one should. Last month the Urban Conservatives of American asked to join our lawsuit.

“We have reason to believe that our voices are being stifled by way of voter suppression,” said Jonathan McCullough.

“Clifford, let me ask you a question. The Texas legislature effectively fired you after what happened last November. Why do you think you shouldn’t be losing your job for what happened?  Sorry, you’re in my way. Can you – can you tell me why you don’t think you should be fired for what happened last November?” continued Collister.

“Clearly the election was run poorly and the metric we can use 253 other counites of Texas, none of which had anywhere near as problems as Harris County did,” stated Mark Jones.

Rice University professor Mark Jones says the experiment with an appointed elections administrator in Harris County has been poisoned by hyper partisanship.

First, Isabel Longoria screwed up the primary last year. Clifford Tatum had a track record of screwed up elections, but we hired him anyway.

Jones says it was a way for Democrats to “shove it down the throats of Republicans.”

“I think the dilemma and problem in Harris County though was, it done in a hyper partisan fashion,” said Jones.

Meanwhile in a Harris County court room this week more than a dozen lawyers fought over election challenges.

All to be decided by the same judge, David Peeples from San Antonio.

“I absolutely think that they have changed the results of the election and the true results based on systematic widespread issues, have made those results unknowable,” said Alex Mealer.

The lawyer for Alex Mealer, the Republican who ran for county judge, says Clifford Tatum will be their first witness. That will be worth watching.

“We found there were 32,000 ballots that are seriously questionable and likely illegal that were counted.  That’s more than Alex Mealer’s margin between Alex Mealer and Lina Hidalgo,” said Steve Mitby.

Attorney Cris Feldman’s firm has made hundreds of thousands of dollars from you to help protect Rodney Ellis from his self-inflicted African art scandal.

He told the judge all these election complaints are just smoke. No one can prove exactly how many voters were turned away.

And he’s right about that, but that may not be the standard for Judge Peeples. If there were systematic violations of the election code, it may force new elections.

Even democratic lawyers know dozens of polls were given less ballot paper than the state required them to have.

“We found that there were more violations of the Texas election code than in any other election we’re aware of in Texas history,” stated Mitby.

With so much evidence of his mishandling of the last election, it begs the real question we keep asking.  Why the hell does Clifford Tatum still have a job?

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