Government Overkill

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Beloved White Tail Deer in Texas are being executed – not by hunters, but by the State of Texas in the dead of night. Deer breeders are up in arms. Wait until they see these pictures never before seen by the public.

We want to warn you. The following images are very graphic, but we think very important for all Texans to see.

These are the bloodied and butchered heads of Texas white tail deer.

But shockingly this is not the work of poachers.

This is the handiwork of the Texas Parks and Wildlife.

And they’re killing entire herds at deer breeding facilities all across the state in response to what’s called chronic wasting disease.

“C.W.D. is a disease of the brain and central nervous system that is always fatal to members of the deer family.”

But is this disease control or mass murder?

“I have a passion for these animals.  I look out my window every morning, every evening, my grandbabies.  I tell my deer; they’re not killing you,” expressed Rodney Parrish.

Deer breeders packed the last meeting of the Texas Parks and Wildlife commission, and along with elected officials blasted the agency for their heartless and unnecessary extermination.

“You choose to employ draconian assassinations of innocent deer, non-transparent tactics designed just to put us out of business,” said Billy Emick.

“Are deer dying because of C.W.D? Yeah. In Texas, absolutely. They’re dying, but their death is not because of the disease, they’re being killed by Texas parks and wildlife,” said Senator Bob Hall.

“I’m here out of concern for farmers and ranchers that I represent across this state,” said Sid Miller.

Texas agriculture commissioner Sid Miller warned parks and wildlife officials that its tactics might even trigger a violent backlash in which someone could get hurt or killed.

“I think we’re at a tipping point.  And I just want y’all to know that we’re at that point where something is going to happen,” continued Miller.

Up to this point, Parks and Wildlife has spent heavily on a public awareness campaign.

Even putting up billboards saying C.W.D. is a real threat to Texas deer because it could decrease the number of white tail in the wild.

“It’s a contagious disease and once it’s introduced to an area, it can spread quickly within a deer population.”

But isn’t this just as big of a threat to the deer population?

C.W.D. can’t be passed on to humans and infected deer can go up to three years before showing symptoms.

“Deer will be extremely skinny, sickly and have lost their natural wariness of people. Once these signs appear the animal usually dies within months.”

So, let me get this straight. Texas Wildlife officials have responded with a plan to stop the disease from killing more deer — by killing more deer?

Entire captive herds? Even if only a single deer tests positive?

That’s what happened to one of the states’ longest breeders. Robert Williams.

“They wanted to come kill my deer at night, shoot them in the neck with a sub-sonic gun and not let anybody see any of this. And I said that is just as cruel a way as you can do,” expressed Robert Williams.

He’s gotten a court to temporarily stop parks and wildlife from killing his entire herd, and it’s from listening to other high fence breeders. parks and wildlife is facing a real showdown.

“They’re going to kill my deer.  Over my dead body,” stated Rodney Parrish.

Breeder Rodney Parrish says wildlife agents want to kill all of his deer after one came up positive test but then later tested negative.

“I’m not a rich man, but I’ll fight you to the end.  I’ll fight for every deer in my pen,” expressed Parrish.

Parks and wildlife doesn’t want you to see these gruesome images publicly. It has only described what you see here as “depopulation”.

But the pictures, which we obtained using the state’s public information law, reveal how wildlife agents use these high-powered rifles and shoot the deer while they are still in their pen.

Then agents cut up their carcasses and take samples to see if any more of them have C.W.D.

The fight against Texas Parks and Wildlife has gained the support of avid hunter and famous rock and roller Ted Nugent.

“My friend won’t let me mention his name because the Texas Parks and Wildlife jack booted thugs are wiping out his 400 breeding white tails. Killing all of them to look for C.W.D. which has never hurt anybody,” said Ted Nugent.

Doctor Chris Seabury from Texas A&M is the leading scientist on C.W.D.

But he doesn’t think killing entire herds is the right response.

In an email to Dolcefino Consulting, Dr. Seabury said, “total and immediate depopulation is not always (uniformly) necessary.”

In fact, Seabury has come up with a breeding technique that will help breeders weed out only the deer more likely to get the disease. 

But despite advances in science, Texas parks and wildlife officials are not leaving the eradication of C.W.D. or to the experts or deer breeders.

Instead, they’re using bullets, that you pay for and you have to ask why.

“It’s a very unfortunate situation. We don’t like going into anybody’s facility and depopulating the deer but we’re trying to manage deer in Texas, not just those deer on that one property,” claimed John Silvosky.

Since 2015 of 108,000 tests only 86 were positive. That’s less than one percent.

Is it really necessary or government overkill?

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