Houston Billionaire’s Divorce Case Settles

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The details may always be secret, but Houston Medical Center pioneer Ed Bosarge clearly didn’t want a jury to settle his divorce case with longtime wife Marie Bosarge.

Court documents show the jury trial was cancelled at the last minute after a blistering investigation by Dolcefino Consulting focused on allegations Bosarge fraudulently moved $2.3 billion into secretive South Dakota trusts to try and leave his wife of more than 30 years dead broke.

Lawyers for Bosarge had complained that so called “Friends of Marie” had hired Dolcefino Consulting. The Houston-based investigative media consulting firm run by long time investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino worked with CNBC, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine to publicize the decades-long allegations of fraud involving the stem cell pioneer and mathematician.

Bosarge is still engaged in litigation with his former partners in the Houston-based Quantlab, a technology-driven trading firm.

“Like many wealthy businessmen, Ed Bosarge left a trail of financial moves that raised troubling questions of possible tax evasion and fraud,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “What I have learned is that guys like Bosarge are much more worried about truthful but damaging publicity than they are legal battles.”

Because the case settled so many questions will remain unanswered. Why are wealthy men able to hide money in South Dakota to avoid child support and spousal obligations after divorce? These secrecy laws have dangerous implications for people in Houston and all across the country,” Dolcefino said. “This nationally publicized investigation has exposed the trillions avoiding taxes in South Dakota.”

The Bosarge case may have been the most high-profile Family Injustice case tackled by Dolcefino Consulting.

Like thousands of other Houston families the Bosarge jury trial had been delayed for months by COVID, but the Houston billionaire ran out of time to delay.

“What is sad is that so many people right now are on hold with child custody fights, visitation, and child support during the COVID courthouse delays,” Dolcefino said.

The Dolcefino Consulting investigation of Family Injustice has already exposed the links between political contributions from family lawyers and family court judges and dozens of broadcasts involving cases from around the country can be seen on www.dolcefino.com and Dolcefino Consulting on Facebook.

“While the COVID pandemic has affected courthouses across America there is technology to get a lot of these cases moving and we are prepared to put a spotlight on judges who don’t do that,” Dolcefino said.

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