News Release: Houston Doctor Wants Public Apology From Methodist

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For Immediate Release

April 18, 2022

Dr. Mary Bowden is now demanding a public apology from Houston Methodist Hospital and President Marc Boom for defamatory statements attacking her views on COVID treatment and doctor-patient care.

“I’ve said from the beginning I will not be bullied by Methodist Hospital and Dr. Boom who have tried to ruin so many good careers,” said Dr. Bowden.

Methodist was the first hospital in the nation to fire nurses and doctors who refused to take a mandatory vaccine.

Dr. Bowden, an ear, nose, and throat doctor in River Oaks, had her privileges suspended at Methodist Hospital in November after she opposed vaccine mandates by Methodist.

The hospital and its President and CEO Dr. Marc Boom made statements on social media and to the news media about Dr. Bowden, suggesting she was unfit to practice medicine.

The demand letter sent by Steven Biss, an attorney for Dr. Bowden, to Dr. Boom requests a public retraction, apology and compensation for damages within 30 days.

“Boom’s false and defamatory statements thrust Dr. Bowden into the vortex of a public issue and severely injured her business and reputation,” the Charlottesville, Virginia attorney wrote.

Dr. Bowden already filed a lawsuit against the hospital back in January for access to all financial documents related to hospital profits from COVID-19 treatment. Dolcefino Consulting requested that same information in November and in January we joined the lawsuit for access to transparent data after requests for public information were ignored.

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