Skeleton In The Closet

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We all have skeletons in our closet. My mugshots are all over the internet! But watch a candidate for Mayor in the posh village of Piney Point make it SO MUCH WORSE.

Just look at this place, it’s one of many mansions you’ll find in the exclusive Piney Point Village.

A little town in the heart of Houston’s Memorial area.

This week the city council convened for another meeting.

We focus our camera on an alderman named Aliza Dutt, a first term councilwoman who now wants to be the mayor of this posh community.

But she’s clearly squirming in her seat and eyeing our camera. And we know why.

Just moments before Dutt had the distinct pleasure of meeting me for the very first time.

“Ms. Dutt I’m Wayne Dolcefino, we talked on the phone. I want to give you one more chance to tell me the truth on this deal, one more chance. Why can’t you just admit what happened,” asked Wayne Dolcefino.

This Memorial area socialite isn’t shy about posting her high society appearances on social media, but she won’t say a word to us.

And for a politician, she’s about to commit a cardinal sin.

“Everyone makes mistakes. But you lied to me,” said Dolcefino.

And Dutt is a former TV reporter, she likely knows we’ve made election integrity one of our ongoing investigations. And a few weeks ago we were asked to investigate Dutt.

Because of this, state of Maryland vs Aliza Fan.

She was charged with theft, just a misdemeanor, and it was a long time ago. A shoplifting charge when she was just 18 years old.

These are the blurry records from Carroll County Maryland archives that we now found.

But the records don’t show what Dutt was accused of stealing.

So, we called to find out a little more, expecting her to just admit a youthful mistake.

“Um, you know what, before I talk about it, can consult with some people to see how I should discuss this,” said Aliza Dutt.

We said sure. You all know me, I’m an easy guy. But when Dutt didn’t call us back I had to call her again and that’s when her real problems began.

“This was a mix up by a store employee. I was thinking about actually, you know, suing a store. I’ve never been arrested, and this case was actually tossed aside,” claimed Dutt.

There’s a valuable lesson for folks who run for office, just tell the damn truth. Look at this record of the arrest number.

“It was a misunderstanding in terms of a merchandise. Let me think back, I mean I just don’t remember the details. But I can tell you, I assure you, this is – was never convicted,” claimed Dutt.

“It never even went to court, it never went before a judge,” continued Dutt.

Yes, it did. Records provided by the Maryland archives show in January of 1989 there was a motion to let Dutt cut a deal in exchange for deferred adjudication.

And you can see the judge signed it.

“I mean you understand why it would be important correct,” asked Dolcefino.

And not just because the mayor gets the right to spend ten thousand dollars a pop without council approval. Alderman Dutt has now made this about something else. The truth.

“Don’t you think it’s the candor thing that’s problematic here,” asked Dolcefino.

“You were put on deferred adjudication, you said you never went to court,” continued Dolcefino.

The voters in Piney Point will decide how much this matters. Not so much a teenage brush with the law, but about honesty. It should be on the ballot in May.

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