Small Town Bullies

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I don’t like bullies! Especially when they seem to care more about getting the Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson re-elected than the death of a three-month-old baby boy.

Now a secret recording sheds light on what these SMALL TOWN BULLIES are trying to keep secret

It’s a horrible story viewers of Dolcefino Media saw first.

A previously deported illegal immigrant, Jesus Aquino Enriquez, charged with beating his little three-month-old baby so badly he later died.

Sure, it reminded us of our broken border system, prompting national headlines.

But that is not why this latest video is necessary.

“He told me mom the baby died. Mom, the baby died,” said Claudaly Gomez.

Little Abraham’s short life must have been full of unimaginable pain.

Broken arms, legs, more than twenty fractured ribs, a bleeding brain.

“It’s a working case so we can’t go into further information at this time. Thank you, that’s the end of the interview,” said Sheriff Rand Henderson.

For two weeks, Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson kept the beating death a secret from the public.

Apparently, his campaign for re-election was more important than transparency.

Because we had learned from a confidential source that one of Henderson’s deputies had been called to the trailer home on Needham Rd. in Porter just one day earlier to check on the welfare of Abraham’s mom, a possible victim of domestic abuse.

Relatives told us the deputy left the scene without even asking to search the home when told the mom wasn’t there.

“I’m just assuming that the cop was like, OK, well, she’s not here. They didn’t make a report. He just left, basically,” said Aunt Trish Martinez.

The beaten baby they say was inside the trailer hurt.

“When we were pulling up, he was just leaving, you know, the driveway,” Martinez said. “The baby was in the house.”

The truth of what really happened during that welfare check was supposed to have been captured on the deputy’s body camera video.

But Sheriff Henderson, he has refused to release the video despite days of publicity.

A lack of transparency that is disqualifying for a guy who wants to be re-elected as Montgomery County Sheriff.

But now we know what else the sheriff is hiding. On that body camera video we learn is a racial slur used by the deputy, who claims he was only repeating what one of the relatives said.

How do we know?

“The guy kept calling him a ni**er and he used the word ni**er probably, I don’t know, 8 to 10 times. I said did you tell him you was not a ni**er?” said Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Parris Ponton.

What you’re listening to is a secretly recorded phone call with Deputy Parris Ponton, whose promotion has been put on hold after the botched welfare check.

“They were ambiguous about how I used the word. It’s just the fact that I said ni**er,” Ponton said.

In the phone call obtained by Dolcefino Media, the deputy claims this body cam video will show him knocking on the door with no answer, But did he ask anyone for permission to go inside?

“They watched my video and basically they’re trying to say that, you know, had I actually done a welfare check, you know, I might have saved that baby and that lady,” Ponton said.

But this recorded phone call reveals potential flaws in the sheriff’s policies for handling these welfare checks, reports of potential family violence.

Such as no requirement to even call back the person who first called in for help.

“There’s no policy that specifies that I’m required to call the reportee back,” Ponton said.

“As Montgomery County Sheriff, our county and your safety come first. I ask for your vote,” Henderson said in a campaign ad.

The Sheriff may have ignored our calls to release the body camera video, but his opponent in the hotly contested Republican runoff is former Texas Ranger Wesley Doolittle.

He has gone on Facebook to echo our call for transparency, the public right to know what did and didn’t happen here.”

“What took so long between when the baby died and your press release about what happened? What’s going on with that case?” said Dolcefino Reporter Andrea Palacio.

“Oh, it’s currently under investigation. The DA’s office has it and I’m going to refer comment to them,” Sheriff Henderson said.

Under state law, we have now obtained previous calls for help from that trailer home address. Thirteen calls for the Sheriff since last fall.

We already knew about that welfare check on April 13th, the day before Abraham was rushed to the hospital.

But there was at least one other welfare check weeks earlier and the Sheriff won’t let us see the details.

“Together, we’re working to help keep Montgomery County safe,” Sheriff Henderson said.

The Montgomery County DA should be focused on punishing anyone who failed to protect little baby.

But instead, he now wants to waste taxpayer money investigating how we found out about the botched welfare check, the supposed release of confidential and sensitive police information.

I went on X and Facebook to tell Brett Ligon to bring it on.

And I left a phone message for the First Assistant DA who put out that ridiculous press release that was clearly meant as more than a threat to us the first amendment.

“Hey Mr. Holley, Wayne Dolcefino here. I read your press release, which I took as a threat to my company,” Wayne Dolcefino said in a phone message. “Why is the District Attorney even getting involved in the election for Sheriff?”

Voters are smart. They know what the DA was really doing. The press release wasn’t about really about justice for baby Abraham.

The DA was sending a message to try and silence the deputies who’ve been calling us with potentially damaging information on the incumbent sheriff.

Like major problems in the way 911 calls were being handled. A whistleblower says taxpayers have been shortchanged, delays in answering calls for help.

“It would have to be a D or D-minus. We don’t have support. We could miss 100 a day to 300 a day.”

“Sheriff Henderson’s aggressive investigation leads to an aggressive prosecution by my office,” said DA Brett Ligon.

Last month, the DA went on record endorsing Sheriff Henderson.

And his press release even suggested our video was trying to sway the election.

What the hell does that have to do with a little baby? What does that have to do with the policies for welfare checks? What does that have to do with the right of taxpayers to see the body camera videos on cameras they paid for?

I thought conservatives were all about transparency, the public right to know. But Sheriff, you’re failing that transparency test.

Henderson fought our investigation into the county’s controversial towing rotation years ago.

“How come you’ve been avoiding me,” Dolcefino said in an interview from 2021.

“I haven’t been avoiding you,” Sheriff Henderson replied.

“I’ve been trying to talk to you for weeks about this towing thing,” Dolcefino said. 

He knew certain companies which shared the same financial ownership and were finding ways to cheat the system, but he wouldn’t try to stop it. We’ve remembered.

“How come it’s a cluster?” Dolcefino said.

“Well, we did the best we could. You know it’s a difficult job and sometimes it takes a little while to work out the kinks,” Sheriff Henderson said.

Voters have a chance to send a message to small-town bullies on election day.

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