Texas Charity Law Goes On Trial

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A Houston judge will hold a trial Friday afternoon that should send a message to rogue charities across Texas.

Scandal plagued Cypress Creek EMS filed a lawsuit against Wayne Dolcefino and Dolcefino Consulting in an attempt to prevent the release of payroll records, even though their 911 ambulance employees are paid with tax dollars.

Yes, I said your tax dollars.

Their civil case was filed after the Harris County District Attorney charged CCEMS with a crime for hiding financial records. In Texas, charities get a big tax break. In return, their financial records are available for inspection.

The criminal case against CCEMS is scheduled for a hearing June 17, 2019.

District Judge Ursula Hall will hear the legal arguments at 1:30 p.m. Friday in the 165th District Court.

“This whole action is silly. CCEMS is literally suing Dolcefino for something he has an absolute legal right to do,” said Jeff Diamant, attorney for Dolcefino Consulting. He continued, “The non-profit corporations act is there specifically to make sure non-profits are accountable for their spending. CCEMS just doesn’t want to be and has spent a whole lot of money to hide it.”

“Judge Hall has a chance to send a message to charities who think they are above the law,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Her ruling will be watched by Texans who believe charities have to be transparent and accountable.”

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