CCEMS Accused of Massive Taxpayer Fraud

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The 911 ambulance service for 600,000 Harris County residents is accused tonight of malfeasance and fraud, echoing allegations uncovered by Dolcefino Consulting almost 8 years ago.

CCEMS has repeatedly refused to provide financial records demanded by ESD #11. The letter accuses CCEMS of fraud and misappropriation of taxpayer dollars. The former executive director of CCEMS Brad England resigned weeks ago, but now CCEMS is run by Wren Nealy. Nealy’s wife runs the CCEMS billing company and they have refused to provide bank records.

The letter from an attorney for ESD # 11 demands payment of at least $15 million and threatens to seize assets from Cypress Creek Emergency Medical Services if they do not refund the money.

“The District believes these instances of over-billing and misuse of taxpayer dollars by CCEMS stretch back years and represent millions of dollars of taxpayer funding that CCEMS fraudulently acquired through its over-baked budgets,” ESD lawyer Brian Trachtenberg wrote.

Dolcefino Consulting says the fraud allegations are the latest failure of Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg.

“I warned Ogg personally years ago of potential fraud at CCEMS and her office has watched taxpayers get systematically robbed over the last several years,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “This is what happens when you have a District Attorney who turns a blind eye to government corruption.”

ESD Commissioners warned CCEMS they have only days to produce records.

“Once the lawyer letters start flying, the lawsuits aren’t far behind,” says Dolcefino.

Read the letter from ESD #11’s attorney below:


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