You’re Being Followed

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By now the mayor of La Marque knows he’s been followed by a private investigator set out to prove Keith Bell isn’t really living in the city where he’s the mayor.

So, did he lie to taxpayers at an official city council meeting? Here’s the breaking news from the Gateway to the Gulf!

Joseph Lowry probably shouldn’t apply for a job at the La Marque Chamber of Commerce.

“If you live in the La Marque area, the highest crime city in the state of Texas make sure you lock vehicles right now,” said Lowry.

See what I mean?

But his warnings about crime in town is clearly not the only topic on his self-described Lowry news network.

“Get your valuable. Lock your car. Stay classy,” continues Lowry.

You got to love social media.

He may not have been able to get Mayor Keith Bell recalled, but that doesn’t mean he stopped fighting to do it.

“And I’m going to expose Keith Bell,” stated Lowry.

His Facebook post declares game over.

“If you’re Keith Bell that lives in Houston, don’t worry about it because he lives in Houston,” said Lowry.

Wait a minute, the mayor of La Marque doesn’t even live in La Marque?

“I will not allow people to disparage my name. Certainly not make accusations against me without those accusations being addressed,” said Keith Bell.

In city council chambers, the mayor issued a strong denial.

“I have been for my entire service – I still am and will continue to be in May of 2024 when I run for reelection – a legal and physical resident of 1950 Oak Law, La Marque Texas. Period. Point blank. Full stop,” claimed Bell.

But this lease agreement signed by Keith Bell last June, well it may come back to haunt him.

Bell is paying nineteen hundred dollars a month by cashier’s check to rent this townhouse. And it’s not in the city of La Marque, it’s miles away. Thirty minutes away by car.

A private investigator tailed Bell at a previous council meeting and while bell allegedly tried to lose him, he got video of the mayor pulling into this driveway. The same address where Bell leases a property, and not just once.

The mayor does admit that he’s getting a divorce from his wife of 30 years.

It’s not unusual for there to be a temporary restraining order and there is in this case.

It raises all kinds of legitimate questions.

Mayor, there are all kinds of apartments and houses for rent in the city of La Marque.

“I won’t address this again. So, I’m going to move forward to do the business of La Marque because that’s what I’ve been elected to do,” stated Bell.

The next meeting of the La Marque City Council is September 11th at 6 p.m. And guess what, admission is free.

“It’s very important that they live here, it’s by charter. I think it should be known to the entire council, to this administration, and to the public,” said Robert Michetich.

We haven’t been to a La Marque city council meeting in a long time.  Since the police chief essentially threatened folks in town that he could withhold police service if you were mean to the mayor.

He’s still police chief and Joseph Lowry is still the biggest pain in their… well you know what.

“Time to get him out of here,” states Joseph Lowry.

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