DA Kim Ogg Is Hiding Records

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Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg is now hiding the records detailing why prosecutors are leaving her office in droves.

Two prosecutors have resigned from the DA’s office in recent weeks and blasted Ogg for putting politics before justice. Almost half of the prosecutors in the DA’s office have left during Kim Ogg’s term.

Jessica Milligan, a former prosecutor who worked on the animal cruelty task force, wrote a scathing resignation letter to Kim Ogg.

“I simply cannot work under leadership that is choosing to prosecute cases as guided by politics and public outcry and not based on evidence and integrity,” the email reads.

The DA is now refusing to turn over the exit interviews done with these former employees that would show the truth about how she runs the office.

“When the DA starts hiding public records and breaking the very law she’s supposed to enforce, she should step down,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting.

In a recent public records scandal, Texas Tech University fired their coach after exit interviews showed years of abuse and harassment by the woman in charge of their women’s basketball program.

Exit interviews can be critical to see how well or poorly the DA is actually doing her job.

Crime is on the rise in our city and every day we see more and more examples of the DA giving get out of jail free cards to violent and repeat offenders in the criminal justice system. The public has a fundamental right to see which cases are being affected by politics.

“I believe these records are being intentionally withheld from the public because of the coming election,” Dolcefino said. “The DA cannot break the law to save herself. These prosecutors are paid by taxpayers. We have a right to know why they quit.”

The exit interviews are just some of the records Ogg’s office is hiding. Ogg is also hiding emails with a fired white-collar crime consultant involved in that botched poker club raid last year. Her office is blaming Coronavirus for not releasing some of the records on time.

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