District Attorney Sued in Poker Club Fraud Case

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District Attorney Kim Ogg has been hit with a lawsuit in the wake of those botched poker club raids last year.

Post Oak Poker Club alleges malicious prosecution, disparagement and defamation against Ogg for her actions that led to charges that were eventually dropped.

Amir Mireskandari, the white-collar crime consultant for the DA’s office and personal fundraiser for Ogg, is also named in the suit for fraud and conspiracy. He is accused of scamming several poker rooms out of tens of thousands of dollars for a fake license from the City of Houston.

Amir Mireskandari in front of website
Amir Mireskandari

After Post Oak Poker Club and Prime Social Poker Club refused to pay any more money to Ogg’s consultant, the two businesses were raided and charged with organized crime by the DA, even though Ogg’s office had never once complained about the clubs in the year after their opening.

Mireskandari, a major campaign fundraiser for Ogg, was paid $1,200 a month by the District Attorney’s office. Ogg has fought the release of records that show details of her communications with Mireskandari. He was accused in the plot to “unjustly enrich themselves by wrongfully obtaining Plaintiff’s money.”

The lawsuit says Ogg “acted with malice, targeting only the Post Oak Partners and another poker club that refused to keep paying exorbitant fees for fake licenses, while allowing all other poker clubs in Harris County to remain open.” That other club was Prime Social, the largest private poker club in Houston.

Prime Social Poker Club and Post Oak Poker Club

“This lawsuit will hopefully force Kim Ogg to have to tell the public the truth about the misuse of law enforcement to punish legal poker rooms whose only crime seemed to be that they stopped paying her campaign fundraiser and consultant,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “The county’s top law enforcement officer had an obligation to come clean a long time ago. Her refusal to tell the truth speaks volumes.”

The lawsuit against Ogg and Mireskandari was filed in the 164th District Court with Judge Alexandra Smoots-Thomas. Post Oak and Prime Social were raided a year ago. Prime Social was closed for months, suffering hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and legal expenses.

View the full lawsuit against the District Attorney here.


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