Lockhart City Hall Afraid Of Competition For Waste Contract

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For 33 years only one company has had the garbage contract with the City of Lockhart.

After a vote Tuesday night, folks in Lockhart have a right to ask the Mayor a question.

What’s wrong with competition?

In November, Lockhart City Council voted to negotiate only with Central Texas Refuse on a new deal. The period to negotiate was set to expire in a couple of weeks at the end of March.

Mayor Lew White voted against attempts to see what the competitor was offering. Texas Disposal Systems of Creedmoor apparently provided a last-minute proposal to Lockhart City Hall, but so far, the public hasn’t seen the numbers.

Rick Fraumann of Texas Disposal Systems spoke at the meeting, offering a deal to the city if they were to change their minds.

“The rates would be substantially lower, recycling would be included at no charge, there would an additional $25,000 of materials coming to the city, and additional value we could provide to your students,” Fraumann said.

White instead moved to extend negotiations for another two months.

Lockhart City Council voted to extend the contract with Central Texas Refuse for two months but for some agonizing minutes it didn’t look like the Mayor could get anyone else on board. 

CTR was purchased a year ago by landfill company Integrated Waste Solutions Group, the new primary owners of the 130 Environmental Park. Caldwell County folks still fight in court to stop the planned dump. It was originally owned by Green Group and was the focus of investigations by Dolcefino Consulting.  

“So let me get this straight,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Mayor Lew White can get a better deal for taxpayers, but he doesn’t care. This is America. What’s wrong with a little competition for Lockhart tax dollars?”

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